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Navetta 37 by Custom Line

“A new form of design which, on one hand, ensures the greatest comfort on board and on the other gives dynamism and sportiness to the vessel, the ideal for owners who are not looking for great speed but suffer the charm of sports lines “.

This is how Bernardo Zuccon of Zuccon International Project describes the design of Navetta 37, the new flagship from Custom Line of the Ferretti Group brand. Characterized by a layout that combines new elements and principles typical of the range, Navetta 37 is spread over three decks and a sundeck. Moreover, careful research on internal volumes  allowed to make the most of the space, a solution that is normally found on larger boats. Navetta 37 is an important result of the collaboration between Zuccon International Project and the Department of Research and Development of the Ferretti Group.

The interior design is an example of the setting custom choices of all models by Custom Line. The work of Studio Zuccon was focused on finding those principles that allowed repetitiveness in the industrial production and at the same time the maximum freedom of customisation and distribution of functional elements. Among the most innovative elements of Navetta 37, the full beam owner’s suite in the bow; solution that appears for the first time on a model of Custom Line.

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