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Nerea Yacht announces the sale of the Dark Bronze NY24 deluxe

Nerea Yacht announced the sale of NY24 Dark Bronze, the Deluxe version day cruiser exhibited at the Dusseldorf Boat Show at the end of January.

The first Nerea owner, passionate about boats and already in possession of a splendid Italian sailing yacht, noticed the Nerea boat during his visit at the Boot in Dusseldorf and was immediately fascinated by the exclusive and unique lines of the small motor yacht.

The sea trials of NY24, which took place in the Adriatic Sea in February, further met the customer’s expectations, convincing him to choose Nerea among the different proposals that he had selected and compared on an international scale.

The pandemic, which broke out the days immediately following this event, only postponed for a few weeks the final customization works of the boat requested by the customer.

With the definitive reopening of the production activities on May 4th, the NEREA YACHT team is working just in these days to complete the customization, perfecting the last details before the final delivery to its owner.

The sale of NY24 Dark Bronze represents an important milestone for the shipyard based in Fano, born just over a year ago from an idea of its founder, Dario Messina, a young entrepreneur with a great passion for the nautical sector and with an intention, with Nerea Yacht, to create a real boat boutique, a nautical laboratory where each new craft becomes a unique piece, an example of that Italian Design so appreciated all over the world.

In fact, thanks to its special V-shaped hull with 18.5° deadrise and lateral planning supports the boat offers a fast gliding entrance with a soft passage on the wave and safe driving even in rough seas, as well as great when the boat is moored or at anchor, thanks to the increased floating surface.

Currently the Nerea Yacht production program includes two NY24 units under construction that can be delivered in time for the 2020 summer season. We will update you shortly with photographs of the work in progress. Stay tuned. 

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