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The new Amels 188: a triumph of technology and elegance

With Tim Heywood styling the exterior and Reymond Langton’s creative heft to the interiors, the new Amels 188 combines huge elegance, leading-edge technical solutions and hybrid propulsion.


Stretching 57.7 metres in length, it is the first model in the Amel’s Limited Edition range which spans six all-new designs ranging between 55 and 83 metres.

LE188--SIDE STB Balcony-Sunset-RL INTERIOR

With a launch date set for spring 2018,the Amels 188 makes a virtue of space, space and more space. That translates to big open decks, a 30 square metre beach club, a gym and a wellness centre with sauna and steam room.


The owner’s suite covers a massive 80 square  metres too and includes a terrace that opens out over the sea as well as sliding doors to guarantee its occupants maximum privacy.

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