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Ora Ito’s capsule for the Perini 56m

To reflect the creative, innovative spirit with which it revolutionised the sailing world, Perini Navi also presented the Perini Navi/Ora Ito capsule collection developed in partnership with the internationally acclaimed French designer.

Ora Ito

The eclectic, multidisciplinary Ora Ito has transformed his vision of the Perini Navi world into a capsule collection that is a reinterpretation of the iconic 56m flagship of the yard’s fleet, producing two special designs in the process.

The result is a contemporary, unfiltered reimagining by an outsider to the nautical world.

A genuinely fascinating project. Ora Ito, in fact, has a passion for analysing the icons of our time and then creating radical new takes on them, something he has done for other historic brands from fashion to technology. 

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