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The Pentagramma by Luca Vallebona

Pentagramma is the latest design from the ever-inventive Luca Vallebona.

T121 LV80 G0005br

Despite her size, the 82-metre yacht has a GT of just 2,000 tonnes and a dual soul.

T121 LV80 G0006br

Seen from afar she has a low-slung allure but up close her superstructure details emerge and reveal the compositional method that resulted in her unusual name.

T121 LV80 G0018br

Her grid-like superstructure incorporates a imaginative mix of modular glass panels and backlit brass inserts.

T121 LV80 G0051br

Another signature is the entirely al fresco and split-level beach club. Furthermore this area connects directly with the guest cabins below to make it easier to get to and enjoy.

T121 LV80 G0065br

Pentagramma can accommodate 12 guests and an impressive 25 staff and crew.  

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