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Perini Navi 42 E-volution

Perini Navi has made the transition to hybrid power with a 42m that’s getting tongues wagging.

42m SY swimplatform

The 42 E-volution is the result of a partnership with Reichel Pugh and is also the first Perini hull to be built entirely from aluminium.  

42m SY upwind

The E in the E-volution moniker stands for electric but the yacht also has sleeker exterior lines with a completely flush deck and generous glazing. Even the transom is a departure from classic Perini styling as it opens up fully to create a low-slung beach platform.

42m cockpit

The sloop is the perfect marriage of performance and comfort, designed for owners that want a yacht capable of covering long distances fully independently. There are, unsurprisingly, just four cabins: one master, two for the guests and two for the crew as comfort aboard a sailing yachting is almost always in inverse to proportion to the number of guests.

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