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Perseus ^ 3: Perini Navi’s Everest

With its 75.80 meters high mast, Perseus ^ 3, the 60-meter sailing sloop built by Perini Navi, is one of the tallest masts in the world.

With a boom that measures 23,40 meters in length composed of carbon fiber, the mast of Perseus ^ 3 is provided with a series of fixed rigging with carbon side, while for the stays of the bow and stern a combination of Carbon, Kevlar and PBO was adopted. Designed by naval architects Perini Navi in ​​collaboration with Ron Holland, the new sloop, second copy of the series of 60 meters, features a unique load reading system, the Rig Load Monitoring System, which allows you to read constantly loads in action on the rig .

The set of sails Doyle who called this project “the most unique and challenging we have ever faced” reaches a total area of ​​over 10,000 square meters and A2, one of the most asymmetric sails, with its 2,602 square meters is the largest sailing the world . For the management and control of this sail plan, Perseus ^ 3, mounts the new generation of captive winches and winders Perini Navi. During sea trials, Perseus 3 reached 16.2 knots with 21 knots of wind.

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