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Pershing 70. A 46 knots turning point

A series of particular choices in the domain of interior design and décor represent a turning point in the Ferretti Group shipyard. 

A combination of high performances that allow a maximum speed of 46 knots and a range of options in the interior design and, more generally, in regards to the look that really distinguishes the Pershing 70. This is one of the 10 models in the fleet created by the Ferretti Group shipyard. Pershing 70 is the result of the collaboration between the yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, (who was responsible for the complete Pershing product range), the Research and Development department AYT&D (Advanced Technology and Yacht Design) and the Group’s Style Center.

P 70 marks the beginning of a new ‘Pershing’ generation, characterised by increasingly dynamic profiles and by a richer design, full of interest grounds. Not only with regard to the impressive shapes of the exteriors, enhanced by the choice of colours (the champagne pearl hue of the hull, deck and superstructure plays in contrast with the carbon-gray of the roof), but also for the interiors.  There are many innovations in terms of layout and décor developed on the light shades of the furniture’s ash tonality and the lacquered inserts in anthracite.
What is also particular is the finishing and the solutions of the owner’s cabin where a separator featuring a game of wavy inserts in leather ideally divides the area with a double wardrobe from the actual room.  Another solution involves the owner’s shower. Here, the main wall is made of horizontal stripes of metal with different shades. When lit, they respond with different, colourful effects.

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