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Persico Marine presents the Persico Cat 72

A cruising cat foiling. It is the Persico Cat 72′ that Persico Marine is building in its headquarters in Nembro (Bergamo) and that for assembly will be transferred to the new shipyard in La Spezia where, after the launch scheduled for 2024, sea trials will also take place. (Here all our posts about Persico Marine)

Persico Cat 72
Marcello Persico CEO di Persico Marine.

“With Persico Cat 72’” Marcello Persico, CEO of Persico Marine, stated, “we are continuing to build the Persico brand name in high-performance maxi cruising, thanks to the experience gained in creating the most advanced high-speed racers, particularly in the foiling class”. This is how Marcello Persico, commented on the new multihull project that joins other trimarans such as the Multi 50 Planet Warrior or cat, such as the AC72 Luna Rossa for the Americas’ Cup edition in San Francisco 2013 built in the shipyard active in the world of hi-tech sailing since 1990.

Top technologies for the Persico Cat 72′

Designed by the American studio Morelli & Melvin (on the international stage after having designed Stars&Stripes, the catamaran with which Dennis Conner won the America’s Cup in 1988 against New Zealand’s Big Boat) the Persico Cat 72′ is 22 meters long and 9.50 meters wide. The construction is in high modulus prepreg carbon sandwich and Nomex core and with the use of all the latest technologies. In particular those that Persico Marine uses in the construction of Imoca foiling such as Linked Out or in the AC75 of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team for the 37th America’s Cup.

Persico Cat72
A view from above shows the large deckhouse of the Persico Cat 72′.

Pete Melvin explains the Persico Cat 72′

“We are very fortunate this project has given us to the opportunity to explore new boundaries ofperformance” Pete Melvin, naval architect and CEO of Morrelli & Melvin, noted. “Our customer hasencouraged us to set aside convention and develop an innovative yacht that is not only high- performingbut also luxurious; a cruising yacht capable of navigating in style in seas all around the world”.

Persico Cat72
Pete Melvin co-founder and CEO of Morelli & Melvin.

The Gomboc Flight Control System of the Persico Cat 72′

The Persico Cat 72′ will be rigged with a Southern Spars rotating mast. Other peculiarities of the Persico Cat 72′ are the Righting Moment Foil, two foils over 7 meters long with automatic lift control, two fins and rudder blades with T-elevators. All connected to the Gomboc Flight Control System which manages the angles of attack of the foil. Added to this is the electronic flight management system which allows you to glide at about 20 cm from the water (skimming) at over 20 knots with only 13 knots of wind. But the system is able to gradually lower the hulls and decrease speed to the owner’s preferred level.

Persico Cat72
The Persico Cat 72′ skimming for fast cruising.

The Persico Cat72, with thanks to the on-board system can be managed by just three people, will be able to reach 40 knots downwind and 26 knots at upwind in maximum comfort for the guests on board. The expected cruising speed with the two electric motors 25KW Torqeedo Deep Blue (solar panels are installed on the deckhouse) will be 8 knots.

Emilio Martinelli

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