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Philippe Briand, the master of innovation

Vertigo, Gliss, the Perini Navi P2, many projects for NBC and then Mari-Cha III and Mari- Cha IV. These are a few achievements in the domain of sailing yachts. In the world of motor-related yachts, he has signed many projects with Vitruvius® , but also Enigma, the refit of a Scottish military ship to control fishing in the North Atlantic which turned into an incredible explorer vessel.

These are just some of the designs by Philippe Briand, born in France and working from his studio in London. Briand approaches sailing as a kid, and plans his first boat at age 22. The passion for sailing soon led him to design racing boats and become one of the few designers who have designed boats for the America’s Cup. Between 1986 and 2000 Briand signed eight challengers including t French Kiss and Ville de Paris. It is also from these experiences that the second Mari-Cha, Mari-Cha IV that, in 2003, with six days, 17 hours and 52 minutes set the primate (still unbeaten) on the Atlantic crossing. At the same time Briand signed a long series of boats for the Jeanneau shipyard for the fleets First and Sun Odyssey and an equally long series of one off for NBC and Perini Navi. Then in 2010, the launch of the 50m Exuma by Picchiotti shipyard, the first example of the line Vitruvius® with which Philippe Briand marked a turning point in the world of design of large yachts.

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