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Poltrona Frau Group ME opens a new store in Dubai

Located on Jumeirah Road, a new contemporary architecture showroom hosts the best of Italian design.
Thanks to this unique project, Poltrona Frau Group ME confirms its esteemed position in the UAE where it has been both influential and inspirational, particularly recognising the tremendous potential of this dynamic and quality driven market.

The two-storey building, characterised by precious materials such as stone and metal which reflect the shades of the local landscape, brings together Cappellini’s avant-garde products, Cassina’s contemporary and quality design and Poltrona Frau’s excellent craftsmanship. Large windows facing onto the main road create natural light to illuminate the interiors.

On entering the building, the visitor is greeted by a reception desk in bronzed brass with a marble top set against a marble wall that features the three company logos. Already a taste of the distinctive styles of each brand can be appreciated thanks to a selection of icons exhibited in the entrance area.
This timeless project, curated by Giulio Cappellini, emphasizes the quality of this must-see design destination which aims to make an impact on the local and regional A&D community and residential clients.

Cappellini_Poltrona Frau Group ME_Natelee Cocks

CAPPELLINI: a company oriented towards the future. Between fantasy and reality.

CAPPELLINI has always had an unprecedented approach to design, with strong links and references to the world of art and fashion and a spasmodic curiosity towards other realities and the future, without limits and preconceptions. Hence the concept created by its art director, Giulio Cappellini, to recreate a welcoming, almost familiar environment, characterized by dynamic structures that reflect the hyper-realistic loft atmospheres redeveloped in private homes. This is to tell new visions of contemporary living. An elegantly sober space, with natural surfaces, such as the oak parquet, mastic walls and ceilings that alternate with just as many in Egyptian blue stucco to create real scenes that emphasize the great variety of shapes, colors and materials of the collections of CAPPELLINI.

In a single space of 90sqm, separated by total black graphic elements such as scenery flats and video walls that transmit the history of CAPPELLINI. The productions play with the oppositions of seemingly distant aesthetic languages, with the aim of spreading the culture of good design, supporting young talents and showing the heritage of the Italian manufacturing industry.

The new products are combined with the company’s long sellers. Here reinterpreted in finishes, materials and colors richer and full of aesthetic and tactile suggestions evoked by this new metropolis that is hosting them. Gold yellow nuances for the Vendome table in Brechè de Vendome marble by Giulio Cappellini, beige for the Orla sofa by Jasper Morrison in refined velvet. Sand and walnut root for the wall-mounted cabinet Sistemi. Up to the blue Wanders’ Tulip Chair by Marcel Wanders and the green of the newest Easy container. Still gold reflections in the Meltdown lights by Johan Lindstén and Sound 1 by Dimorestudio. The Italian craftsmanship is exhibited in the three-dimensional perfection of the embroideries of the legendary Juli Jubilee by Werner Aisslinger, worked with over 100 thousand points of countless shades and the Embroidery Chair again by Johan Lindstén with a cross- stitched back in wool thread thanks to the latest generation machinery able to reproduce a spring scene of great impact for the depth of the image.

CASSINA_Poltrona Frau Group ME_Natelee Cocks

Cassina represents Italian excellence throughout the world thanks to its constant research for outstanding quality of materials and elegant forms.
The 270m2 Cassina store is distributed on two floors and is characterised by In-store Philosophy 3, a new phase of the company’s in-store image developed by Art Director Patricia Urquiola which offers a refreshed contemporary retail experience.

Classic materials have been reinterpreted to communicate a contemporary form of expression. For example, areas are divided by perforated 3D metal sheets and graphic anodized aluminium screens with vertical louvres which, thanks to their particular workmanship, offer different perspectives on the living environments.
Specific focus has also been given to creating dialogue between the brand’s products through warm living environments based on stylistic details that are outlined in a moodboard of instantly recognisable colours and materials.

Iconic products such as pieces from the LC Collection by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, and the Lady armchair by Marco Zanuso are displayed alongside new designs like the Floe Insel and Beam Sofa System sofas both by Patricia Urquiola.
Communication about Cassina’s history has also been made accessible thanks to a series of timeline panels that explain the brand’s key moments in 5 sections: Pioneer. Authenticity. Sofa Craftsmanship. MedaMade. Cultural Influencer.


POLTRONA FRAU: redefining the tradition

A retail space of 340 square meters on two floors, inspired by the concept of the company’s showroom in Via Manzoni, in Milan. Warm colours have been chosen for the finishing: the floor features natural oak wood while the walls in soft leather panels in the light grey colour of the Poltrona Frau Color System, creating an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. Intimate and at the same time large spaces, in which the different rooms of the showroom alternate according to the Poltrona Frau philosophy, from the living room to the sleeping area, from the dining room to the office section. The store also features a large bookcase of leather to discover the so called Leathership®, or rather the Poltrona Frau leadership in the world of leather.

Over 100 years of history and a new space through in which the Italian brand redefines its tradition. Projects introducing new ways of experiencing the home and the workspaces. The notion of comfort, a crucial element in all the brand’s products, also evolves to take account of contemporary life and the hybridisation of living spaces with home working. The Let it Be project by Ludovica + Roberto Palombais a statement of the spirit of the brand. A system of free sofas that can be completed with lots of accessories that multiply its functions and turn it into an island of total wellbeing where you can find your own pace. The two designers adopt the same philosophy for the Mr. Moonlight bed. Iconic products are also protagonist such as the Chester sofa. The Chester Line system, redefined on the basis of the original project by Renzo Frau, can be configured in multiple different ways and is completed with the Fidelio lamp and side tables. Throughout the collection, Poltrona Frau leverages its historic mastery of materials, all of the utmost quality, bringing out their natural and intrinsic expressive power. As with the Jane table byJean-Marie Massaud, where the surface is a huge irregular sheet of precious Emperador marble that appears to float in space. Throughout the showroom features the new collection of Poltrona Frau rugs. The company borrows old handicraft techniques from distant worlds with whose values it identifies. It then revamps these age-old traditions with colours and decorations using natural fabric fibres like wool, jute, and bamboo silk.

A dedicated area features a selection of Poltrona Frau’s iconic armchairs such as 1919, Club, Lyra and Chester, which are all upholstered with delicate and precious Pelle Frau® Century leather.
Only this leather, subjected to many hours of hand craftsmanship, can communicate a hundred years of history and give Poltrona Fra’s products the unique charm of timeworn objects.

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