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Range Rover Sport SV, the most powerful ever

Range Rover Sport SV: nothing has been left to chance. Every detail is the result of extensive research that on an aesthetic level has resulted in an elegant and well-proportioned design, while from a functional point of view it has pandered to the demand for optimum aerodynamic performance. These are the premises that accompany the entry onto the scene of the new Range Rover Sport SV. Not just any model but the most powerful ever thanks to the boost provided by the new Twin Turbo V8 mild-hybrid engine. (Here all our posts about Range Rover)

The most powerful ever

This new-generation power unit is capable of 635 hp and 750 Nm of torque. Translated this means acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. Performance achieved not only thanks to the many horses at its disposal, but also the care taken to keep weight down. One figure above all helps to better understand the effort made by the carmaker, who for this model wanted to adopt 23-inch carbon fibre rims, a choice that resulted in a total weight saving of 76 kg. The same carbon was also used to make the car’s bonnet. 

Range Rover Sport SV: exterior design

The Range Rover Sport SV’s exterior profile is characterised by a sleek, muscular silhouette that immediately conveys a feeling of power and agility. The roof sloping slightly towards the rear gives the vehicle a sporty and dynamic appearance, while the high, continuous beltline accentuates the robustness of the design. “This model,” said Geraldine Ingham, Range Rover Managing Director, “exemplifies the Range Rover philosophy, not only as a bold evolution from the previous Range Rover Sport SVR, but also in the personalised approach we are taking with our discerning customers.” 

A distinct sporting vocation

The sporting vocation is emphasised by the large air intakes at the front, a sensation further accentuated by the slim, aggressive LED headlamps, which also give the car a modern, technological edge. Technology that not only serves only performance but also plays a central role in offering a level of comfort that makes the on-board experience even more immersive in terms of acoustics. 

Range Rover

Range Rover Sport SV music beyond imagining

The Range Rover Sport SV is the first production car to incorporate a tactile audio system from industry leader SUBPAC, a technology used by the world’s best artists and composers, which allows front seat occupants to physically perceive sound. Not only that. With the support and collaboration of Coventry University’s National Transport Design Centre and the School of Media and Performing Arts, a preset programme package has even been developed. It consists of six specially developed tracks, Poise, Soothe, Serene, Cool, Tonic and Glow, which studies in hand could influence passenger heart rate variability (HRV), helping to reduce anxiety or improve cognitive response. 

Range Rover

Interior design

The interior design once again draws attention to the concept of modern luxury so dear to Range Rover. The SV Performance front seats feature integrated headrests, carbon-fibre back panels, an illuminated SV logo and deeply sculpted bolsters to hold the driver and front passenger firmly in place. The 16-way adjustable seats have massage functionality and are heated and cooled for maximum comfort. The latest Body and Soul Seat sensory technology is standard. The matching rear seats, also heated and cooled, feature a more dynamic design with pronounced side bolsters, but retain electric recline and 60/40 split. 

Range Rover

On-board living is enhanced by the presence of certain details that enhance its elegance, such as the presence of satin black ceramic used for the gearstick and second-row air conditioning units, accentuating a feeling of softness and freshness to the touch. In conclusion, the new Range Rover Sport SV is a successful blend of design, engineering and technology. Every aspect of the vehicle, from the sleek and aerodynamic exterior to the refined and technologically advanced interior, has been designed to deliver an unrivalled driving experience. With exceptional performance, superior comfort and cutting-edge innovations, this model establishes itself as an iconic in the high-end SUV segment with a distinct sporty personality. 

Matteo Zaccagnino

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