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Riva 76’ Bahamas Super: superlative new technology

Riva 76’ Bahamas Super: the yacht with the spirit of both an open and a coupe is back, offering a host of new features in terms of digital innovation, functionality and storage. 

In 2016, Riva 76’ Bahamas wrote an indelible page in the history of yachting, design and luxury, enriching the art of cruising with an extraordinary boat that is a distillation of timeless appeal and innovative technology. Six years later, this iconic Riva model is back in the spotlight with a radical and innovative restyling that proposes new functions, up-to-date spaces and unprecedented storage solutions.  (Here all our posts about Riva Yachts)

Riva 76’ Bahamas

Designed by Officina Italiana Design 

Riva 76’ Bahamas is the magnificent result of collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the firm founded by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, working in partnership with the Strategic Product Committee led by Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. Developed on the 76’ Perseo Super naval platform, the coupe has an overall length of over 23 metres and is already an object of desire for every owner, representing an exciting combination of open and coupe, of onboard practicality and liveability, and of comfort and power. 

Riva 76’ Bahamas

Riva 76’ Bahamas Super: an huge cockpit

The huge cockpit is the iconic feature of 76’ Bahamas and relaxing on the generous sunpad overlooking the beach area, on the chaise longue or on the comfortable sofa is an integral part of the onboard experience. The restyling upgrades this area with advanced technology and home automation solutions: the sunpad’s armrests have two built-in panels that offer a simple and immediate way to control the lighting, the stereo system and the stern door. 

Riva 76’ Bahamas

The bridge and the helm station instrumentation are another focus of the new technology featured on the restyled 76’ Bahamas Super. The displays are touchscreen and the steering system has been converted from hydraulic to Xenta electro-hydraulic for better functionality while cruising. The pilot and co-pilot chairs are joined by a third chair on the opposite side of the sliding hatch that leads below deck. The chairs, which are specially designed for all Riva models by Officina Italiana Design, are housed in a fibreglass cradle and supported by a stainless steel “bridge” for a lighter overall look.

Riva 76’ Bahamas Super

Riva 76′ Bahamas Super: the legendary C-Top

The now legendary C-TOP, the aerodynamic carbon top with a patented system that converts the yacht from an open into a coupe and vice versa, remains the star feature of Riva 76’ Bahamas. Lifted by two carbon arms finished with a polished carbon look, it rises from the deckhouse to a position over the cockpit and locks onto the windscreen and carbon roll bar, revealing a spacious forward dinette. The housings for the various antennas and satellite systems are incorporated in the roll bar, which features an aggressive central “fin” in addition to the stainless steel mast for the lights and antennas.

Riva 76’ Bahamas

The electrically operated system that locks the C-TOP to the windscreen and roll bar is activated automatically when the top is correctly positioned over the cockpit, completing the normal opening/closing sequence. In this area, technology and design join forces to deliver surprising cruising comfort: the C-TOP opens in less than a minute. The owner can also choose to add the optional side covers to fully protect the cockpit area in bad weather. 

Riva 76’ Bahamas

Cuising at 37 knots

Riva 76’ Bahamas Super is fitted with a pair of MAN V12 V-drive engines rated 1,550 mhp each in the standard version. With this configuration, the yacht has a top speed of 32 knots and a cruising speed of 28 knots (preliminary data). The owner can also opt for two MAN V12 engines rated 1,800 mhp each, in which case the top speed rises to 37 knots and the cruising speed to 32 knots (preliminary data).
The bridge is equipped with a Xenta electro-hydraulic steer-by-wire system with independent control of the rudders for sporty turn optimisation and a Simrad Command helm station with integrated onboard monitoring and navigation and manoeuvring controls. From here the captain can manage the entire yacht using three 16-inch touchscreens. The owner can also request a solution with three 19-inch touchscreens and a convenient and functional manoeuvring joystick.

Riva 76’ Bahamas

Riva 76’ Bahamas Super is fitted with automatic Humphree dynamic trim interceptors, guaranteeing maximum simplicity of use and optimised fuel consumption.
The Aventics manoeuvring joystick featuring docking mode functionality is also available as an option, for easy yacht handling in confined waters, such as when mooring alongside, with lateral movement obtained by the combined action of the main propellers and the proportional bow thruster.
On request, a Seakeeper NG18 can be installed to offer greater stability at anchor and when cruising, for maximum comfort on board. 

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