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Riva Toys Experience

The legendary motorboats from the Sarnico shipyard in a collection that cannot be missed! 
Ariston, Aquarama, Aquariva, Rivarama and also the special trucks used to transport speedboats born on the shores of Lake Iseo, Sarnico, from the legendary shipyard of Carlo Riva. Five iconic pieces that tell a unique story. Five pieces, five toys , and hand-finished products that are assembled without using any type of glue. This is the proposal of the historic shipyard that has entrusted   Madeindreams to give yachting fans a new way to experience the world of Riva.
The boats are not simply toy-scale replicas of the originals: the task entrusted to Madeindreams was in fact to identify what truly defines the boats and summarize the most important aesthetic features in a product that could talk to children and adults.
Moreover, the wood used in the models is the same used for the construction of the original (African mahogany, ash and maple Italian). Each model is enclosed in a box and accompanied by a book that tells the story of the boat and its characteristics.

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