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Royal Huisman Apex 850

Designed by Malcolm McKeon for Royal Huisman, the Apex 850 has already been fully engineered and once launched will be the largest sloop in the world.

Stretching 85m in length and built from aluminium, the Apex will sport 107m mast (that is a full 14m taller than the Statue of Liberty!) and will certainly never go unnoticed.

McKeon described this latest creation as follows: “Sailing aboard the APEX 850 will be sensational as she will make speeds faster than the wind in most conditions.

Her retractable keel, excellent weight distribution and limited heeling angle will make her safe and comfortable as well as stable”.

Her Rondal mast, sails and furling boom will all be carbon-fibre, while she will unfurl an impressive sail plan of 3,200 sqm in upwind sailing and 4,700 sqm in downwind sailing.

Her elegant reverse bow is matched by a large opening stern platform with wings.

There is also a lowering balcony forward to facilitate access to the tender.   

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