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Sailing into the Future. Together

Challenge, resilience, courage, nature, innovation. These are the keywords that characterise Sailing into the Future. Together, the new international project that sees IBSA (Institut Biochimique SA) the protagonist of a new three-year enterprise, which starts in 2022, albeit with a long-term vision. 

Arturo Licenziati

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Lugano (Switzerland), IBSA is a leading scientific, economic and industrial reality in the pharmaceutical sector, thanks to the design outlined by Arturo Licenziati. A multinational company employing 2,000 people – including headquarters, subsidiaries and production sites – IBSA is present with its products in over 90 countries on 5 continents, with 16 subsidiaries located in Europe, China and the United States and with a turnover of over CHF 700 million.

Alberto Bona

Innovating by keeping people at the core of our ecosystem, without ever setting limits: those are the horizons of the IBSA Group, which has always been inspired by the desire to go further”, explained Licenziati.Sailing into the future. Together is a metaphor for our corporate history, but also a wish to grow and change, to find new means to offer health, well-being and new perspectives for the communities within which we operate, through social and environmental sustainability”. 

Alberto Bona and Sam Manuard

The project Sailing into the Future. Together engaged a team of great experience and sporting talent, involved right from the design and building phase of an innovative Class40 boat that will be led by Alberto Bona, the skipper who has been entrusted with the task of transforming this undertaking into a success, and with Sam Manuard design.
 “The Route du Rhum is the first stage of a three-year project: it’s one of the most challenging solo regattas in the world, as well as one of the most popular events in international ocean sailing. The project relies on a competent and greatly experienced team, while the conceptual design of the boat and its construction are entrusted to a successful duo: thus, we have all the credentials to put a winning boat in the water. The further challenge will be to make the most of the time available after the July launch, and carry out the in-water test part to make it reliable and performing”, commented Alberto Bona.

The Route du Rhum

As part of this project, we decided to be a partner of some nautical clubs, in order to support inclusive sailing initiatives. We started a collaboration with the Yacht Club of Punta Ala (GR), to which we donated two boats for disabled children, to involve them in experiences in close contact with the sea, enabling them to navigate with accessible boats and compete in integrated races”, explained Giorgio Pisani, Vice President Southern Europe and Project Leader. “The goal is to create an actual inclusion of the disabled on the competition field, promoting social integration as well as opportunities for dialogue, interaction and mutual understanding, thus helping break down barriers and differences”.

Bona’s Class 40 under construction

To narrate all the phases of the project Sailing into the Future. Together and accompany its development, the new website was created, also available in Italian and French. From here, it will be possible to follow the journey of skipper Alberto Bona, find out more about the Route du Rhum, the team and the new Class40 boat, that will set sail on November 6 from Saint-Malo, headed towards the island of Guadeloupe. In addition, the site will host photo and video content and news relating to IBSA’s social responsibility initiatives.

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