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Sanlorenzo Elite Days 2016

460Explorer_Baia Portofino_seraSanlorenzo Elite Days 2016, the exclusive weekend gathering the international Sanlorenzo owners community in the Portofino Bay, have just come to an end.

Celebrated as a great success by its many attendees during the last two editions, Elite Days is the annual event organized by Sanlorenzo to present its entire fleet and latest news to its cosmopolitan ship-owners community. Sanlorenzo introduced SL86 (shown at Cannes Yachting Festival) and 460Explorer, the expedition vessel shown at Monaco Yacht Show and presented in Rapallo during the Elite Days with U-Boat Worx submersible and amphibious seaplane with folding wings by SeaMax, on-board.

sanlorenzo DaysIn occasion of Elite Days, thanks to the cooperation with its exclusive partners, Sanlorenzo organized unique “made-to-measure” experiences well in tune with the DNA of the Italian shipyard. Over a period of a few years, the shipyard has climbed the prestigious Global Order Book ranking, which is annually listed by Showboats International. Today, Sanlorenzo ranks second among the top 20 builders of yachts over 24 metres for the third consecutive year.

Guests from all over the world together with Italian and international press were welcomed by Sanlorenzo to appreciate their entire yachts collection: the main quay of Rapallo, reserved for the occasion,  hosted 14 yachts for tours and live tests in the surroundings of the amazing Portofino bay.

With their unique features, Sanlorenzo yachts were the stars of this two-day event: customization process, tailor-made details and high quality materials exalted the company values and mission since 1958.

Massimo Perotti, Sanlorenzo President and CEO, welcomed his guests during an elegant weekend and gala dinner, organized on 7th May in the scenic Portofino “piazzetta”, the perfect setting for 450 guests. During the 2016 edition, Sanlorenzo revealed the green side of yachting excellence with the SL106 Hybrid preview, the first boat of its class with an hybrid propulsion system. Since 1958 Sanlorenzo represents the best expression of technological research applied to nautical excellence; innovation drives the Shipyard to reveal the green side of nautical excellence with the sea test of the first yacht with hybrid propulsion in the Portofino bay.

460Explorer_flotta_SanlorenzoLike every other year, Rolls-Royce attended this edition of the Elite Days. In addition to the wonderful RR Ghost, available to guest as a “VIP shuttle”, the British car company famous worldwide for 100 years for its luxury, classy and exclusive cars, presented, exclusively to Sanlorenzo guests, its new Rolls-Royce Dawn, a convertible car to drive enjoying the open air.

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