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Sanlorenzo launches the “Sanlorenzo Academy”

Sanlorenzo prepares to start a new important project for young people: “Sanlorenzo Academy”.

Resulting from an idea by Massimo Perotti, CEO and Chairmain at Sanlorenzo, Academy aims at creating specialised professionals whom the world of work currently lacks and needs, providing training opportunities for young people to get employed.

Massimo Perotti
Massimo Perotti

Academy presents itself as a bridge between Liguria’s technical and professional schools and companies in order to introduce specialised professionals with technical and practical boating skills into the world of work.
Both Sanlorenzo and the contractors involved in the project have committed to hire, at the end of the internship, 60% of the people enrolled in the Academy who will pass the final exam.

Sanlorenzo-460Exp ©Guillaume Plisson copia

The first course, that will start in mid-November, aims at training people in the production area and on board:

Polyvalent boating operator– training for 8 professionals with many skills suitable for all the stages of production processes;

Sailor in charge of on-board technical equipment– training for 8 professionals with basic skills in the fields of plant engineering, engines and electronics and expert in typical on-board activities performed by sailors.

The course will last 1 year, including 800 hours characterised by classroom and lab lessons and a 6-month internship. The final target is to provide students with technical and practical skills as well as “Soft skills” (managing stress, conflicts, criticalities, planning and communication skills etc), integrating their skills with specific knowledge and practical experience.
More courses are being planned, starting in early 2019, to train new professionals including an installer/maintenance technician for boat plumbing appliances and Installer/maintenance technician for boat electric appliances.The project Sanlorenzo Academy was launched thanks to a European Union co-fundingthrough donations from the Region of Liguria (European Social Fund 2014-2020).

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