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Sanlorenzo returns to Milano Design Week

Sanlorenzo at FuoriSalone Milano Design Week

Sanlorenzo returns again this year to be one of the protagonists of Milano Design Week with its iconic installations, in this case it is Fabbrica. The shipyard, after all, has made participation in FuoriSalone a habit stemming from its design approach, whose strong point is the contamination of different creative languages and the use of different and unexpected contexts.

Progetto Fabbrica at the Milano Design Week

For Milan Design Week 2022 Sanlorenzo returns to the wonderful setting of the Università degli Studi di Milano, as part of the exhibition-event INTERNI DESIGN RE-GENERATION, with a project by Piero Lissoni entitled FABBRICA, that moves from the iconic installation presented in 2019, which recalled the wooden structures that shipwrights used to construct in the shipyards, to reveal something about place where boats are built and bring to life at an evocative level the experience of climbing aboard and the new perspectives that ensue.

Milano Design Week

Università degli Studi di Milano

At the centre of the historic courtyard, a high scaffolding of Innocenti tubes plays with the full and empty spaces of the colonnade, in an interweaving of straight lines that create the pathway for visitors. The structure thus conceived is linked to the industrial nature of Sanlorenzo and refers to the structures actually used to build boats in their shipyards.

Milano Design Week

Piero Lissoni (Art Director of Sanlorenzo)

“It’s as if we’ve brought a piece of the shipyard, the place where boats are built, into the courtyard of the State University. It almost seems as if yachts are born under cabbages, but the truth is that behind them there is the work of many people, as well as the research, knowledge and technology of a complex industrial reality. The intention for me is to reveal precisely this aspect.”

Milano Design Week

The Shipyard experience

This thought expresses the desire to make visible, through FABBRICA, what often remains hidden: the research and technology of a cutting-edge industry that is also attentive to reducing its environmental impact in order to meet the new challenges linked to sustainability and therefore “conscious design for a new future”, one of the themes that the Design Re-Generation exhibition aims to explore.

Onboard a Sanlorenzo

The intention of the project is also to try to recreate the vibrant experience of boarding a Sanlorenzo yacht (here all the posts about Sanlorenzo), offering a fascinating elevated view of one of the vessels through a route made up of ramps that take visitors from the ground up to the central part. This area, a platform that cites the shape and materials of a ship’s deck, is designed to give the public the feeling of hospitality that one feels on Sanlorenzo yachts, thanks also to a sophisticated audio system that reproduces recognisable sounds of a luxury experience at sea, as well as offering interesting new viewpoints over the courtyard of the Università Statale.

At night

The impact of the entire installation changes after dusk, revealing a vertical superstructure of LED bars that lights up as night falls, transforming the perception of the installation itself and making it astonishingly scenic.


Università degli Studi di Milano – Cortile d’Onore

Via Festa del Perdono, 7

6-13 June: 10.00 am – midnight

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