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Sanlorenzo SD96: the first yacht designed by Patricia Urquiola

As her first time working in the world of yachting, the designer is to give life to the new entry-level SD line project which will debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2019

The ability to embrace new ideas, all the while remaining faithful to their heritage, the courage to dare to push beyond their limits when it comes to innovative solutions, have led Sanlorenzo to start a new and prestigious partnership: continuing along the same path that for years has linked it closely to the world of design, the company has entrusted Patricia Urquiola with the interior design of the new SD96 yacht.

“I chose Patricia because I wanted to add a more feminine touch to the interiors in Sanlorenzo yachts, something which until now had been foreign to the nautical world. And today she is the most sought-after woman in global design thanks to her ability to combine beauty and comfort. All done with a touch of irony and almost poetic sensitivity, with love for all that is glocal and a great respect for the hard work of the artisans. ” Massimo Perotti, Chairman Sanlorenzo

Best in its field, Sanlorenzo has in fact involved such noteworthy names as Dordoni Architetti, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Piero Lissoni (Art Director of the company since 2018), in the interior design of yachts, thanks to which it has added new visionsallowing it to rethink the concept of space on boardan established asset of Sanlorenzo, through innovations and new stylistic features.

And as Sanlorenzois one of the main yacht and superyacht production yards in the world, the decision was made to start a new project, the SD96,the result of tireless research and attention to the importance of liveability on board, and which was premiered on May 29 at the press conference at the Milan Triennale.

Thanks to the vision of Mr. Massimo Perotti, Chairman of the company, Sanlorenzo once again innovates and rethinks the style of nautical design. The motivation came from the idea of new scenarios through the introduction of the concept of transforming spacesto enrich the experience of those who live the boat.
SD96 is the entry level model of Sanlorenzo’s historic semi-displacement SD yacht line, a 28-meter-long model that will replace the SD92, another of the shipyard’s success stories, which was launched in 2007 with 27units sold, showing and maintaining its natural evolution. that stylish hallmark that has always distinguished the yard.

The yachts of the SD fleet, models in composite material from 28 to 38 meters, are inspired by the transatlantic yacht type of the 1930s, bringing back that quintessential concept of elegance and precision. A glance is enough to remind us of boats that are part of our imagination;
Shuttles with great range that allow us to reach even the most distant destinations, all the while designed for those who love and know the sea deeply.

The world of shuttles is a fascinating, romantic and complex one because it ties in with the idea that an owner might choose to live on the sea traveling in peace, without time limits. And that’s why the SD96 offers superior space and capabilities compared to boats of the same size but of different types. Here too there is a historical legacy to respect, an image that has grown and been consolidated over time, which has been the main motivator in defining the design of the external linesof this lineup of boats, signed by the Zuccon International Project, whose recent collaboration with the shipyard has already kick started numerous prestigious projects, in which tradition and history are indispensable aspects.

Bernardo Zuccon

This objective has been pursued without ever losing sight of the space-volume balance of all that contributes to harmonizing the proportions, and at the same time respecting a deeply rooted, essential Sanlorenzo image that adds strength, solidity and continuity to the yard’s illustrious history.Like all the models in the line, the SD96 is built on three bridges, but thanks to the carefully studied proportions and the great balance achieved between design and volume, it is not only exceptionally elegant, but also exactly as light and manageable as a two-deck yacht.

The SD96 also retains the shape of the forward and lateral windows of the entire range but with panes that from the outside are visually similar to the hull, thanks to Patricia Urquiola’s choice to apply “One way” films to the windows of the cabins on the lower deck, to eradicate the perception of voids and give a sense of cleanliness and aesthetic unity. This allowed a surface synthesis that conjures up an almost archaic image of minimalism. “The style stems from the search for timeless class, where symbols interact flowingly and functionally with the containment of volumes and with the idea that the key element when it comes to style is the hull. The SD96 is a yacht with a wealth of history and tradition that sets sail in a new sea, where stylistic features and functions have been redefined to help write a fascinating new page in the life of this shipyard.” Bernardo Zuccon

However, with the new SD96 Sanlorenzo has not been limited to merely preserving the past but, knowing how to recognise the needs of its customers, it has redefined its lineup classificationdue to a request for volumes and functions that has changed over time and begs satisfaction, including more options from the smaller range sizes and up.

“There are places that change and adapt to differing daily needs; it is as if the boat, closed and airtight in readiness to face the sea, once moored, can be opened up to allow the owner to optimise the quality of life on board.” Bernardo Zuccon

The interior project by Patricia Urquiola

This concept of flexibility and modularity, which defines the SD96 project, decided the flow of the interior spaces designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Patricia Urquiola

In bringing her vision on board, the architect and designer laid out the interior of the SD96with transformability taking centre stage-making for a boat capable of evolving and continuously adapting to the needs of those who live on it.

flowing spacein which the distinctive style of the Spanish architect and designer blossoms and blooms, combining a minimalist approach with a mix of carefully selected materials that summon forth thoughts of the sea.

Our starting point for this collaboration with Sanlorenzo was doubtlessly the sea, a great source of inspiration for the whole development of the concept and therefore the interior of the yacht. The materials, shapes and colors evoke the marine world, creating a flowing and elegant space full of natural colors.” Patricia Urquiola

In a balance between severity and irony, between an industrial and artisan approach, Patricia Urquiola creates different styles and furnishings via her search for material sensibility and attention to detailthat makes SD96’s interiors warm and welcomingyet with a modern sophisticated, elegant overall look, meaning we can enjoy these spaces as a symbol of both past and present.

The principal living area located on the main deck, characterized by cannulated oak panelled walls and parquet flooring, is a true example of the concept of modularity; it’s function can in fact be increasedby setting up, if necessary, a dining table for 10 people, cleverly folded away inside a bench in front of the sofa.

We then move on to the central staircase, in bronzed steel and wood and enclosed in a travertine shell, it is designed to reach the other two bridges, and is a focal and iconic pointthat connects all the floors and also serves to divide the areas via a metal mesh screen.

Moving on to the upper deck we find the Sky lounge, with fully opening windows that can be used as a living room, dining area or cinema thanks to modular furniture. The uniformity of finishes between interior and exterior, such as the parquet floor with Biscuit pattern creates a unique environment with the fly bridge, which can also be used as a lounge or outdoor dining area thanks to the coffee table which can be convertedto a dining table if desired.

The principle of flexibility returns to the lower deckwhere the living room can be totally transformedby closing a system of sliding panels, creating a VIP cabin with bathroom.

On the same level, there are also two guest cabins, while the owner’s cabin is located on the main deck. Much wider in width than those offered on yachts of similar sizes, it has large windows that, together with the glass wall with a Liquefy motif that evokes the sea, create a feeling of uniformity with the surrounding environment.

The travertine bathroom with ribbed glass walls coupled with a bronzed mirror amplifies this feeling in a game of pleasant reflections.

The choice of furnishings made by companies that symbolise the excellence of international design and that have studied ad hoc solutions, where necessary adapting their products to the technical characteristics, materials and constructive solutions to fit our design requirements is also fundamental to our interior design.

With SD96, Sanlorenzo once again shows its ability to respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market, through a lot of careful research and innovation, while at the same time never betraying its image, an image that has always stood out for its timeless elegance and linear simplicity, light and streamlined, an everlasting expression of refined luxury, never loud, which is evident in the choice of materials and in the care given to the smallest details.

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