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Signature Kitchen Suite Smart Technology

Aesthetics or functionality? For a long time, the debate about what was more valuable has animated the world of designers. Then technology arrived and everything was magically resolved, combining two concepts that until recently seemed destined never to meet. 

And it is precisely technology – in particular smart technology – that is the distinguishing feature of SKS-Signature Kitchen Suite (, a brand of high-end built-in appliances that is part of LG Electronics and that has succeeded in putting the Group’s know-how at the service of its customers.

In line with the brand’s philosophy, summarized in the True to FoodTM concept – which focuses on the passion for food and the utmost respect for ingredients and the production chain – the SKS board wanted the research to focus on how smart technology could both simplify life and be an ally in the preservation and enhancement of food. The result has been a range of high-tech and software-equipped models that provide easy management and continuous updating.

“I have always thought that technology must be at the service of man to offer smart and useful answers,” says Manuela Ricci, Marketing Manager of the Signature Kitchen Suite brand. “However, we also need to offer more ‘frivolous’ options, which are always popular, such as turning on the oven remotely so that, when you get home, it is already hot. Today, there are models that allow you to preheat very quickly and reach 200° in just a few minutes: this is not an important function. Nowadays, for household appliances, like smartphones and cars, the trend is to have hardware with software that offers continuous and different upgrades. This is the direction the world is taking. Another increasingly popular trend is to have everything interconnected, and we are really at the forefront in this: all LG appliances are open source, so they can be connected to any device without problems of software incompatibility. On board yachts, for example, where in addition to the standard electronics you normally have in the home, you also have to manage the electronics of an entire system, you can ask for everything to be controlled from a single tablet, which also helps to check that everything is working, because we mustn’t forget that the technology also has, and above all, a diagnostic function”.

Thanks to Signature Kitchen Suite’s smart technology, you can set special programs for cooking, refrigeration and food preservation. For example, ovens can save a recipe and set time, temperature, type of cooking and, in the case of combi-cooking, steam level. Fridges and wine coolers, on the other hand, have different areas to store drinks and food at different temperatures; with the app and updated software, you can always check that they are working properly, avoiding for example cooking a food that has been defrosted and refrozen due to a temporary power cut, which – as we know – is anything but healthy. Moreover, you can check whether the appliance is overfilled or the outside temperature is too high.

“Constant software updates make it possible to be increasingly precise in maintaining a constant internal temperature and avoid overloading the appliance,” concludes Manuela Ricci. “In the Signature Kitchen Suite models, there is practically no difference between the real outside temperature and the temperature perceived by the thermostat, always with a view to better food preservation”.

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