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The boutique cruise according to Stefano Pastrovich

The Wärtsilä tech group has signed a partnership agreement with naval architect and yacht designer Stefano Pastrovich for a series of sustainable superyachts aimed at the boutique cruising segment. The first concept to be revealed is a pocket cruise ship in the form of a 60m catamaran with accommodations for 36 passengers and 36 crew. Highly efficient hybrid propulsion and solar panels will guarantee the lowest possible environmental impact too.

The 60m will be so sustainable, in fact, that it will be permitted access to ports otherwise off limits to motor superyachts. Wärtsilä is putting its extensive experience with hybrid propulsion and energy recovery to good use in the new project. It has also worked with Pastrovich on other successful projects including the 99m X-Vintage in 2011 and the 101m X-Expedition in 2017. “Wärtsilä is the ideal partner for this project” explained Pastrovich, “because we both share the ambition to be the best in everything we do. By bringing together our skillsets, we will be able to produce a leading-edge megayacht. I am convinced that boutique cruise ships like this could be a real turning point in the charter market. They will attract a new clientele of millennials and cruise veterans alike”.

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