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The flying 60 Open

Here is an evolution of the Dynamic Stability Systems (DDS), which allows monohulls to “fly” . This is the new project of the Open 60 Imoca.

If the DDS ideated by the British sailor Gordon Kay and later developed by the designer Hugh Welbourn consisted of a pair of appendages surrounded by a simple longitudinal ‘L’ profile, protruding laterally from the sides of the hull-its evolution, signed by French designer Guillaume Verdier, together with the study of Marc van Peteghem and Lauriot Prévost, consists of true and proper foils with a curved profile, which will allow the protagonists of major ocean races, starting with the Vendée Globe, to “fly” on water. However, this time it won’t be about the famous “full foiling” seen in San Franciso in 2013 with the catamarans from America’s Cup. It will be a totally different way to navigate for a monohull: halfway between water and air. The two foils will have two functions: to raise the hull in order to lessen its resistance to water and to increase the righting moment improving the stability of the boat. Guillaume Verdier and VPLP have thus developed a new generation of “flying” Imoca 60 and currently there are six foiled hulls under construction which will all be involved in the next round the world solo in 2016.

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