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The market rewards Benetti’s steel yacht strategy

Benetti has chosen the Monaco Yacht Show, the international event traditionally reserved for superyachts, to take stock of the brand’s initiatives in the large steel and aluminium yacht segment.
The brand strategy is built on three main assets: construction expertise, technological innovation, and partnerships with leading naval design and architecture firms.
These strategic levers have been the drivers of an extraordinarily satisfying period for Benetti and the development of a portfolio of 16 steel units in the 50 to 100-meter range.  


Azimut Benetti Group CEO Marco Valle commented: “With the experience gained from the gigayachts, we have made yet another leap forward in terms of quality, technology and image and the market is rewarding us for this. Benetti’s strategy today is to continue with the custom constructions and deliver growth based on naval platforms up to 70 meters and over, while at the same time proceeding with the adoption of technological solutions addressed to sustainability, an area we have occupied for over 15 years.”
Benetti therefore presented a snapshot of the custom yachts currently being fitted out, including a 62-meter unit designed by Giorgio M. Cassetta with naval architecture by Dutch firm Van Oossanen, and three 67-meter units based on the new “B.Century” platform, already used – with great feedback from the owners – for Metis, Triumph and Zazou. 


Still on the subject of platforms, a major new development is the innovative Oasis Deck® concept. A huge commercial success after its debut last year on the Oasis 40M, designed by RWD, this solution has been incorporated into the four steel models based on the B.Now family, once again designed by the renowned British studio. In addition to the 50-meter unit, the Shipyard presented the new Oasis Deck® projects for the 58M, 66M and 72M yachts. With the Oasis Deck® concept, Benetti has created a space that goes well beyond the traditional idea of the beach area, giving substance to unfulfilled demand in the market for large social spaces at the water’s edge.  As a result, the beach area in the stern becomes a huge space that descends down to the water and can be extended to offer even more surface area by opening the side wings. The experience on board is immersive and rewarding, creating a sort of floating oasis with a magnificent infinity pool, spacious sitting areas in the sun or shade, an al fresco bar, and seamless continuity between interior and exterior, providing a natural continuation of the main lounge into the open air. 


The first B.Now 66M Oasis was sold before construction even began. Encouraged by this positive feedback, the shipyard will start work on the second unit in 2022, for which Sinot, one of the most highly regarded international names in superyacht architecture, is developing an interior design project that showcases the Oasis way of life. 


Sinot, represented by Senior Yacht Designer and Project Manager Paul Costerus, was also in the spotlight with Giorgio M. Cassetta at the presentation of Zazou, the 65-meter custom yacht launched in Livorno last April and making its public debut here at Monaco. The design signature of Sinot is clear to see throughout Zazou, where the studio managed to create a light-filled and inviting interior atmosphere, characterized by a contemporary luxury style and a neutral palette accented by various contrasting and colourful details in the accessories and furniture. This homely environment is an inspiration to spend precious time together with family and friends.

ZAZOU Detail

Another important aspect is Benetti’s commitment to developing hybrid propulsion solutions designed to increase comfort and reduce emissions. The Shipyard has been working in this area for over 15 years, starting with the 65-meter Ambrosia in 2006, which saw a diesel-electric system with Azipod units used for the first time in the pleasure yacht industry, followed in 2016 by the 90-meter Lionheart, with a diesel-electric shaft line system, and more recently by two gigayachts, Lana (107 meters) and Luminosity (107.6 meters). This last vessel is the largest hybrid pleasure yacht ever built, combining Azipod units with diesel-electric motors and batteries. 

ZAZOU interiors

The latest sustainable development frontier in the field of propulsion proposed by Benetti is the E-MODE HYBRID system, developed on an exclusive basis with Siemens and offered at present on B.Yond 37M. The benefits of the system include significantly reduced emissions, easy management, high reliability, and ease of use.
Onboard B.Yond 37M Hybrid, the adoption of the E-MODE system combined with SCR filters on the main engines has resulted in a substantial reduction in emissions. This makes B.Yond 37M a Low Emission superyacht that, if efficiently managed, can on average reduce NOx emissions by up to 70% and CO2 emissions by up to 20%. 


To date, of the six B.Yond 37M units sold, three have been ordered with the E-MODE HYBRID system and the brand plans to offer it on larger models too.
On the sidelines of the conference, Group Vice President Giovanni Vitelli said: “I am very pleased with the market feedback received by Benetti in the 50-meter and above segment, confirming that Benetti truly is ‘The House of Yachtin’.  These results reflect the company’s focus on the development of new models and its investments in recent years at the Livorno shipyard.”

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