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The Monte Carlo Yachts’ Skylounge

To imagine the future you need to look forward but you also need to ensure you never lose sight of the road already travelled. That concept is reflected very clearly in Monte Carlo Yachts’ new Skylounge range. Since its announcement at the start of the year, two models have already splashed, the MCY 70 and the MCY 76. 

Both continue a highly successful philosophy that not only characterised a product range by giving it a strong, instantly recognisable identity but also added new content to the living experience. That is what makes the real difference. 

Monte Carlo Yachts have drawn on the experience and ability to innovate of yacht design legends Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard who have created a product in which form is very much the servant of function. That creates a sense of design coherency shared by the entire MCY range, including the new Skylounge line. This explains why certain distinctive features such as the large side elements and the Portuguese deck adopt an aesthetic idea that meets very specific functional requirements.

The way the bow area has been turned into a large al fresco lounge, shows both the yard and Nuvolari-Lenard at the height of their powers in responding to market demand for a new way of living yachts. Such flexibility of thought is also reflected in the onboard experience, further enhanced by the spaces designed to be freed of formal usage constraints. While the forward lounge is the perfect place to wile away the most pleasant times aboard, the aft cockpit ushers in an unprecedented level of comfort for boats in this market segment.

The side elements in glass and steel that support the aft section at fly level, a signature of the whole MCY range, don’t just play a formal role but guarantee effective shelter from wind underway and at anchor, making this area usable at any time. 

The subject of liveability is central to the thinking that produced Monte Carlo Yachts’ new Skylounge range: “The idea that guided us was to create a yacht for all seasons,” say Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard. “The new MCY 70 Skylounge was designed with all possible comforts to ensure that the owners would feel at home all year around and to offer them a calm, private place to share with friends and family. It is a unique opportunity aimed at people who love living the sea and are seeking exclusive times aboard”. An idea reiterated by the arrival of the MCY 76. “Volumes, light and harmony are the MCY 76 Skylounge’s signatures», add Carlo Nuvolari e Dan Lenard. “We designed a boat that can offer a new navigation experience with optimal levels of comfort and safety aboard. A boat for any occasions”.

The real innovative leap forward, however, is refusing to see boats as being only useable at specific times of the year and making them suitable for all seasons. This is an ambitious conceptual shift that blurs the gap between the living experience in a house or apartment and aboard a boat. It turns into reality once you step aboard too. The layout benefits from the bridge now being relocated to the skylounge which frees up space on the main deck, making it much roomier than similar models.

Flexibility in terms of the layout of that area means that it can be used for many different requirements depending on the geographic area the owner is from, so the yacht is not just for all seasons but for all markets too. Last but not least is the skylounge itself. Aesthetically, the enclosed superstructure on the upper deck has the air of the enclosed flybridges on American fisherman models and integrates seamlessly into the profile. On a functional level, it not only houses the bridge but can be used as a panoramic saloon. 

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