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The new 24mt catamaran for safe cruising

Penned by Borzelli&Berta this 24mt catamaran stems from the request for a concept, arrived from an client in the United States, for a hybrid propulsion catamaran at the end of 2019.
“We decided to keep developing this platform because we considered ideal for the construction of a boat that could respond to all those new needs and requirements, arising from the lock-down and social distancing experience, which each of us has experienced and keep living. 

Imagining that many people, in near future, could suffer from a psychological residue due to this situation, we pursued a “safer and more flexible” approach to new projects, especially in terms of space distribution and safety perception”, explains Andrea Borzelli.
The studio worked on the design of a boat in which guests can divide into small groups and take advantage of the internal and external areas without any overlap. This goal has been achieved through four exits which lead outwards from the main salon, in particular to specific relax areas located along the side walkways and aft and bow of the main deck. In addition to these areas there is the fly bridge and the folding stern platform too. 

The saloon layout can also be equipped with two separate sofa areas + two separate dining areas, depending on the chosen version. A similar concept of multiple connections was also used to access the accommodation areas, with three separate entrances for guests and two for the crew. 

This “protection” approach was also emphasized through the development of a door handle in collaboration with F.lli Razeto & Casareto spa and Paolini spa, respectively through the use of their connection technology and light communication recently used in their OSSH project and the innovative ESI material. 

With a design directly inspired by the catamaran angular shape, this “Smart” handle guarantees the possibility of interaction and communication with guests and crew, through its connection system (stand alone, wired or wi-fi) and the LED light interface. Most important, It also ensures that its surfaces cannot be contaminated by direct contact thanks to the use of ESI material, an emitter of silver ions (Ag +) and other metal ions. Through the emission of ions ESI exerts an antimicrobial action on objects and in the environment in which it is located, continuously sanitizing 24/7 in total safety. 

The Catamaran uses a hybrid propulsion system also powered by a 90 square meters high efficiency solar panels area.
The choice of this propulsion strongly confirms the spirit of innovation and sustainability of this project in respect for the environment that surrounds us, whether it be a minimum contact surface, a proximity space or something infinitely larger like the sea. 

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