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The new Besenzoni website is now online

Renewed in content and style, with an elegant and modern design, the Sarnico based company’s new website is now online. A carousel of images offers users an immediate overview of the company’s production and values, providing easy guidance through the most important categories. Special attention has been paid to the Unica brand and BUC system, which are afforded an ad hoc section complete with information on product ranges, models and technical features.

The graphic layout for the new site by Besenzoni is rich in images and colours, with a strong emotional impact in line with the brand’s quality level. The site’s visual identity effectively conveys the standards of technology andhighcomfort on board.Responsive and developed according to the latest trends in web design, the new platform is designed from acustomer-orientedperspective, allowing users a simple and pleasant navigation experience between the various sections.

The main menu presents Besenzoni, allowing users to discover the company’s history and business philosophy, as well as providing information related to sales and service. Ample space is then afforded to Products, divided by category. This allows for the exploration of the entire Besenzoni range, from walkways to ladders, doors, helm seats and davits, including its customised production.

Two ad hoc sections are reserved for Unica– Unique Yacht Accessories, a brand dedicated to the world of Super Yachts, and BUC– Besenzoni Unit Control, the App for controlling Besenzoni gangways by remote. 

Lastly, the NewsVideosand Contactsitems allow users to experience the reality of Besenzoni at 360°.

The site has a simple, elegant and functional architecture with a user experience optimised for its visitors, offering a wide range of visual content with a high emotional impact

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