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The new issue is out now

Top Yacht Design, with Sea Time Special Insert is now available online and at the newsstands.

The Explorer formula continues to play a important role. Its success seems to know no setbacks, certainly favored by the fact that this design platform lends itself to multiple interpretations. While keeping the content unchanged, indeed, the shape can vary according to the requests. This offers a breeding ground for designers and naval architects that can therefore give free rein to their creativity. Among them, the name of Espen Oeino stands out as the designer of some of the most interesting projects of our time. The Norwegian designer took his first steps in the world of explorers with the refit of a former 67-meter offshore fishing boat converted into a yacht and culminated with projects likes the Octopus, REV Ocean and Bold. The latter, a 85-meter yacht launched by SilverYachts last year, plots a new course in this specific market segment. It is not the dimensions but the technical content to make a difference. Unlike most of the explorers, Bold was designed to offer above-average performance without compromising range. Hence, the choice to aim for maximum hydrodynamic efficiency. Despite a length of 85 meters and a displacement of 1,551 tons, Bold delivers a cruising and a top speed of 18 and 23 knots respectively, with a range of 7 thousand miles at 14 knots. The function is combined with a form that finds new interesting stylistic interpretations. The touch of Espen Oeino is clear. The vaguely military look is combined with choices that are evocative of the design of Skat, another creation by the Norwegian designer. Even the interiors follow an unconventional logic. They are based on maximum flexibility, especially in the use of external surfaces that can be configured both as entertainment spaces and as loading areas for a tender or a helicopter.

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