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The new design perspective

It is still too early to say for sure but 2020 look set to leave its mark and the pandemic will leave great changes to our lifestyle and habits in its wake. Our priorities about the way we live our lives have changed radically and people now desperately need their own space, preferably in contact with nature. Aside from waking us up to the value of family connections, the enforced lockdown meant that we experienced our homes in a more intense way and made us realise their importance in our lives. These experiences have swept aside ideas that until very recently seemed set in stone. We are already seeing the effects of this as the big cities empty out in favour of smaller towns that offer better quality of life. Then there is the subject of work. Technology now means that much work that previously required travel can be done remotely. So how will all this impact our lives and how will it change our habits and the way we live spaces, starting with our homes and running all the way to our boats? Will it bring radical changes to the way design is approached and change priorities there? It is too early to say. But we can guess. In recent years, the line between home and yacht design has blurred to virtually nothing. The crossover over the last 20 years has resulted in boat interiors becoming increasingly similar to domestic ones. Given our recent experience with lockdown, it looks very likely that things will change yet again. But what direction will we go in? It is still not entirely clear. However, The Cassina Perspective 2020, which CEO Luca Fuso explains is a whole new way of understanding and designing furnishing solutions, gives us a hint! 

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