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Atolls, islands and peninsulas no longer belong just on maps and atlases. They are now creating a new geography in living spaces too. Architect Antonio Citterio has long been one of the mainstays of this particular philosophy.  Noonu, one of his latest creations is a brilliant interpretation of the concept, in fact. Designed for B&B Italia, the collection extends well beyond being mere furniture and is the culmination of a journey begun quite some years ago. “The island theme dates back to the mid-1980s,” confirmed Citterio, “We began talking about sofas with peninsulas and islands, but those terms were quite unusual. Now they have entered common parlance”. Sity was followed in 2018 by the Atoll collection, once again for B&B Italia, and then in 2021, came the new Noonu. What makes these collections so successful is how versatile they are. Previously styles were simply adapted from residential, but now there has been a significant leap in quality when it comes to designing and furnishing yacht interiors. The process of osmosis begun 20 years ago or so which allowed yacht design to plot a new course. While previously, spaces were designed for one specific function now because architectural barriers and boundaries are absent, furniture is fulfilling this role. This fluidity culminates in the exterior areas which are undergoing unprecedented wave of creativity.  The demand for increasingly large al fresco areas ashore as well as aboard is also encouraging many furniture companies to extend their ranges for such spaces. Discover the results in our extensive Outdoor at Sea dossier for which we’ve selected the most intriguing proposals to ensure life aboard is enhanced to the utmost. Because deep down, a boat really is an island of sorts. 

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