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The new issue is out now

Just a few days before we closed this issue, we switched our cover story. We really had no choice: the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 isn’t just another dazzling new boat on the nautical scene. Its arrival has so many repercussions we simply had to give it pride of place in this issue of Top Yacht Design. The most important of these, in my opinion, has to do with the unique moment in history we are currently living through. Speed and power may be two of the strong points of this 20m open but more broadly speaking, it also symbolises the long-awaited restart here in Italy after the truly difficult time we have all had to endure. The Tecnomar 63 for Lamborghini also brilliantly epitomises the idea of teamwork as it involved two companies that represent the very best of Made in Italy excellence in their respective sphere, joining forces to create something genuinely unique. Technology, design, style and engineering – this project has it all, showcasing the technical and creative abilities and flair that only Italy can bring to the mix. “This project is an excellent example of how The Italian Sea Group collaborates and grows constantly with its clients and, most importantly of all, with its partners,”  CEO and founder of The Italian Sea Group Giovanni Costantino declared, adding: “Using our experience and our collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini, we delivered an innovative yacht today, a product no one else has ever created until now”.  

But this issue does not stop there. Attached, directly inside the magazine, is the new, very rich issue of SeaTime, our magazine dedicated to marine watches. Here is what Matteo Zaccagnino, the editor, wrote about it.

Although Sea Time’s journey began just three years ago, its aim of highlighting the bond between the watch and sea worlds has proved bang on target. However, one fact has emerged from the huge amount of material and information we’ve gathered in that time: protecting the marine environment has become a movement of sorts, sweeping the watch world and mobilising the maisons. This wave of positive energy has produced a slew of concrete actions and projects, and put this urgent issue at centre stage. The sea that in the past proved such an extraordinary R&D lab and test bench for the watch world must now be protected at any cost. Hence the initiatives launched by Rolex with Perpetual Planet and the projects promoted by the Audemars Piguet Foundation since 1992. Not forgetting either the invaluable contributions made by the Blancpain Ocean Commitment, Seiko and all the other voices raised in defence of our seas, starting with that of Federica Brignone who has espoused the cause with Breitling. Panerai too has made a radical leap forward for the entire industry with the Submersible eLAB-ID™, which is made from more recycled material than any other watch in the world. And of course, the legendary surfer and TAG Heuer ambassador Kai Lenny who is also on the cover of this issue. 

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