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The new Issue of Top Yacht Design 29 is on stage now!


The word innovation can mean so many different things. But what kind of values does it really express? There is no one decisive answer to that. Quite the contrary, in fact. We have realised on a very personal level that innovation is boundless territory. But it can’t really be any other way, can it? It is impossible to put a limit on the space for ideas and creativity. Read about on Top Yacht Design 29

This issue of Top Yacht Design (here all the editorials of the previous issues) is proof positive of that. When we started thinking about our content we would never have imagined that we would find a leitmotif running through all of the subjects we covered. That leitmotif is, of course, innovation.  Where shall we start? 

Top Yacht Design 29
wallywhy200 – ©Gilles Martin Raget

The wallywhy200 is Top Yacht Design 29 Cover Story

The wallywhy200, the cover story of Top Yacht Design 29, is a good place. This is no ordinary boat to say the very least. “The wallywhy200 expresses all of its innovating power through unprecedented architectural elements that break with the past and typical motoryacht clichés. The Ferretti Group made it possible to turn a concept very close to my heart into reality by believing in a bold design that will improve owners’ onboard experience and also marks a turning point for the motoryacht market,” Wally founder and chief designer Luca Bassani told us.  Just look at what Bassani has achieved with Wally over the last 30 years and how his ideas have helped drive the evolution of the entire sector.  

Top Yacht Design 29
A triple Volvo IPS

Volvo Penta 

And speaking of drive brings us to Volvo Penta and its IPS which arrived on the scene in 2006, changing the sector forever. It brings much more than just speed to the party, it also delivers fuel consumption efficiency, manoeuvrability, reduced noise and vibration, lower emissions and compactness.  The IPS was also much smaller than a traditional engine and that instantly freed up more space and volume, changing the way onboard spaces could be designed. The article featured in this issue on Volvo Penta is just the first in a series focusing on the Swedish company’s astonishingly innovative vision.  

Top Yacht Design 29
The Maltese Falcon

Perini Navi

Vision was a word that popped up again when we met The Italian Sea Group founder and CEO Giovanni Costantino. We would not have been doing our job without asking about his vision of what the future holds for Perini Navi, a brand that built its peerless megasailer reputation on developing massively successful leading-edge solutions.  As you will see there are plenty of surprises in store. 

The Designer on Top Yacht Design 29

Lastly, we took some time for reflection with Italo Rota and Patrick le Quément whose ideas have left their own mark on the world of architecture and car design alike.  

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