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The new Project Oslo by Heesen

Heesen announced that the construction of YN 20150, code-named Project Oslo24, has officially begun. The owners and their family attended the keel-laying ceremony on October 4, and welded their ‘good luck coins’ to section three, where the IMO number was engraved.

The ceremony was formally witnessed by a Lloyd’s Register surveyor who signed off this first stage in the yacht’s build. Project Oslo24 is a highly customised motor yacht based on the proven platform of the 50-metre Steel Class. She will be equipped with Heesen’s hybrid system, which offers indisputable advantages over traditional diesel propulsion. The owner, an experienced yachtsman, made this choice with the clear intent of creating a yacht that is cleaner, quieter and more efficient than comparable conventional craft. 

Heesen presented the BlueNautech programme at the recent Monaco Yacht Show, which is the next step towards a more sustainable future in yachting for the Dutch shipyard. From the very beginning, Heesen has been committed to building lightweight and efficient yachts, with particular attention to smart engineering, clever propulsion and slippery hulls. 
Friso Visser, Heesen CCO, commented: “We were the first shipyard who dared to take the financial risk of building hybrid yachts on speculation and today, all our yachts are available with hybrid propulsion as an option. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ is our mantra. Today, that change is real. It is a pleasure to see that clients trust our systems and decide to implement them in their highly customised yachts to reduce their footprint.” 

The Heesen hybrid drivetrain draws on diesel engines and electric motors, together or individually and in any combination, for both propulsion and hotel needs. In the automotive world such systems typically emphasise energy-saving and reducing emissions, but hybrid propulsion at sea has a broader set of aims. Silent cruising and minimal vibration enormously enhance comfort levels on board and are especially appealing during night passages. The heart of the system is the yacht’s twin MTU 8V4000 M63 (IMO Tier III) main engines, each one coupled to a water-cooled, 135kW Danfoss electric motor on the same propeller shaft. This streamlined configuration offers versatility, flexible power management, and redundancy, with three operational modes: Silent, Economy and Cruising. 

The owner and his family are working closely with Luca Dini Design and Architecture to create an interior that incorporates plenty of fine details connected to their life at sea and the areas they will be exploring aboard their yacht. Contrasting dark, high-gloss and light matte wood finishes, with a ribbed canneté texture to evoke the forests, blend with soft leather in warm tones to create a snug environment to offer guests a refuge when the air is brisk and chilly outside. YN 20150 Project Oslo24 is due for delivery in March 2024.

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