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The queens of the wind

You can count them on the fingers of one hand. Yet, they all stand out as each of them has an interesting story to tell. Here are the top five queens of the wind.

Lately, the phenomenon of gigantism has entered the sailing world, (even if we are still far from reaching the numbers of motor yachts). Up to today, there are eight megasailers inserted in the ranking list of the 200 boats with lengths between 65 and 180 meters currently in circulation. Despite the small minority, extra large sailing defends itself really well, especially in terms of content. Each of the eight units distinguish themselves by the story they carry along, such as the ups and downs that characterized their operational life, (worthy of an adventure novel), and the refined technological features that they manage to express.

Setting sails, as in Eos’ case. Dropped in 2006 from the ports of Bremen, Germany, Eos carries the signature of Lurssen, a shipyard that has recently entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for building Azzam, the largest yacht ever (measuring 180 meters in length). Although Eos doesn’t reach those lengths, it proudly follows Azzam by marking second place with its 93 meters in length (bowsprit included), preceded by Sea Cloud. Eos is a three-masted hull and aluminum superstructure, it has a maximum beam of 13.50 meters, a draft that reaches 5.50 meters and a displacement of 1,500 gross tons. But what really makes the difference in this megasailer is the sail area: 3,600 square meters, by far the most impressive that a private sailing yacht can own. The height of the three masts, which reaches 61 meters, was also calculated to be within the Panamax parameters set at 62.5 meters, threshold limit beyond which it is not allowed to transit through the Panama Canal.

The exterior design, that vaguely recalls “retro” lines, is the work of the studio Langan Design Associates and the interiors have been assigned by the shipowner to the creativity of Francois Catroux. Little or nothing is known about the style that characterizes the on board environment that can accommodate up to a maximum of 16 guests assisted by a crew of 21 people.

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