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The Swath 75 by Fincantieri

The term SWATH translates as Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull but to all intents and purposes, the Swath 75 is a catamaran. Fincantieri’s first, in fact. But that is not its only record. The Andrea Vallicelli-designed 75m is also the yard’s first fuel cell propulsion yacht.

This particular system doesn’t recover energy it requires from a battery but from a fuel cell which produces electric energy from oxygen and hydrogen. In practical terms, the result is a top speed of 18 knots It also gives the Swath 75 zero-emissions capability, meaning it will be permitted to sail in ECA areas. Although nothing is yet known about the vessel’s range, plenty has been revealed about the design.

Spread over three decks plus a fourth dedicated to the heliport, the Swath is clothed in sleek lines and boasts space aplenty: a massive 1,100 sqm of interior space and 1,800 sqm of exterior areas.

It also has one of the largest beach clubs in its category which includes an enclosed lounge area and an al fresco relaxation area, a sublime infinity pool and a stern platform that lowers almost to water level. This radical yacht is aimed at farsighted owners who want to explore the Planet but are also committed to safeguarding its future. 

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