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The Wider-Pajot Eco145 

After the success of the Eco115, Ancona-based Wider is continuing its fruitful partnership with Marc Pajot. This time it has produced a 145’ which follows in the footsteps of its predecessor in terms of its overall design and performance objectives.

Built from aluminium and carbon-fibre, the Wider-Pajot Eco145 is a 250 sqm catamaran with a boomless mainsail that also packs a hybrid propulsion system featuring battery packs charged by 7kw/h hydrogenerators.

“We are just beginning an age of eco awareness for yachting as a whole and Wider will be at the leading edge of this technology at all times, from hydrogen power to the dawn of new power sources such as Thermionic Converters,” explained Wider CEO Marcello Maggi. “I am personally very excited about our partnership with Marc Pajot, and his exceptionally talented team of naval architects and yacht designers. Together we will build some spectacular eco hybrid catamarans, setting a new benchmark on the oceans.”

The 44m Eco145 delivers an impressive 260 sqm of living space spanning five two-berth guest cabins plus quarters for a crew of 7/8. There is also a guest pool, an owner’s pool, a beach club and, of course, very generous socialising and relaxation areas. Both interior and exterior layouts can be personalised to suit each individual owner’s tastes and requirements.

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