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The yachting world broadens its horizons!

The website for Top Yacht Design was launched online on March. You can now type on your browser to discover a new platform for the world of yachting and design. The director, Matteo Zaccagnino, explains the philosophy behind this new, exciting world.

Design. A term that can be interpreted in many ways. But this term can still be ‘enriched’ with new contents and meanings, with the sea being the main source of origin and inspiration.
Top Yacht Design was born with this objective. It is not just a magazine in its traditional sense, but a true publishing system, ranging from paper to digital, all the way to social networks. The aim is to reach a wider audience, therefore we are operating horizontally and transversally.

This initiative stems from a new and very clear idea: bringing back to light the central role of the project, and not just in the literal sense of the term. A yacht is, first of all, an idea, a concept, an intuition that, after endless passages, is translated into something tangible and concrete. This concept applies not only to the boat as we usually understand it, but also to all the elements that compose it: from the interior design to the materials, all the way to the dimensions in which it communicates and interacts.
This is why Top Yacht Design is divided in six different and well defined reading categories each of which, by broadening its borders, establishes a bridge that connects realities, experiences and witnesses that may appear seemingly distant at first, but turn out to contribute together in a great evolution of this fascinating world. The arrival of Top Yacht Design offers an authoritative key to understand the changes occurring today in the domain of yachting. Our clients will be able to read in advance the trends for the future of a sector that is in the middle of a deep transformation. This journey begins in March with the arrival on the scene of our website

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