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TYD32: the new issue is on the stands now

What’s on TYD32: the final taboo has been smashed and swept aside once and for all. The days when the sailing and motor worlds were divided by an unscalable wall now seem light years away.

That wall began to crumble quite some time ago, of course – just think of the many designers that having spent their lives in the sailing sector, suddenly produced dazzling new motor models. Then came the day when sailing yards, not least Nautor Swan and Mylius, also crossed the divide. The reasons why are myriad but in good part due to a need to carve out new market shares. However, as with all crossovers, there were multiple benefits in terms of technical and stylistic content.


The sailing perspective brought an unprecedented and hugely innovative breath of air to the industry: a case in point being Wally which made a massive contribution. But the story continues. And the latest thrilling chapter has yet to be written. Once again, sailing’s input will prove pivotal. After Bluegame made a major announcement last year, we went to check out the project that will see the Italian yard designing and building chase-boats for the NYYC American Magic America’s Cup challenge.

These will be no ordinary boats but hydrogen-powered foiling multihulls  that will fly across the waves at blistering 50 knots.  Luca Santella, Bluegame’s Head of Product Strategy, has dubbed them the most technologically advanced boats around. The great news is they are the product of almost entirely Italian expertise. So Made in Italy has yet again proved the real driver of change in the industry.

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