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37th America’s Cup: unveiled the race dates for the Match 2024

AC37 Event Limited (ACE), organizer of the 37th America’s Cup, has formalized the dates of The Match: the final races between the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand and the winner of the Challenger Selection Series. (Here all our posts about the America’s Cup)

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Opening Ceremony 22 August 2024

The regattas that will award the 37th America’s Cup will be held in Barcelona, Spain, starting on Saturday 12 October 2024. It’s another piece (the Challenger Selection Series that will define the challenge between Ineos Britannia, Alinghi Red Bulla Racing, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team and American Magic will take place between the end of August and September) which defines the appointment which for the third time after Valencia 2007 and Valencia 2010 will see Spain host the oldest sports trophy in the world. An event that will kick off with the open ceremony on 22 August 2024. Exactly 173 years after that fateful 22 August 1851 when the schooner America won the Hundred Guinea Cup.

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37th America’s Cup: two races a day

The Match between the defender and the winner of the Challenger Selection Series will be a best of 13 races and therefore whoever arrives first at 7 wins will win. There are two races per day with reserve days and one “free day” which, at the discretion of the Race Director, and after consulting Defender and Challenger, could still be used for other double daily races. There will be one day, October 16, with only one regatta to make space for the Women’s America’s Cup final who will have started their regattas aboard the AC40s on October 3 (for Youth America’s Cup the dates are September 19-October 2). The objective of the Event Authority is to have racing concluded over the weekend of the 19th/20th October 2024, however the schedule does allow for racing to continue into the following week from the 21st October 2024 through to the 27th October 2024. 

37th America's Cup
Silvio Arrivabene of Alinghi Red Bull Racing

37th America’s Cup: the winds according to Silvio Arrivabene

“The prevailing wind direction in the sea in front of Barcelona is the southwest of both the thermal and the wind regimes that are created. And this year for most of the October days the conditions were these” explains Silvio Arrivabene, Co-General Manager and head of Technical Operations of Alinghi Red Bull Racing, the only team that has been training in Barcelona since last August while Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team trained at its base in Cagliari, Ineos Britannia in the Balearic Islands and American Magic in Pensacola, Florida. “Then there is also the north-east and these are the two prevailing regimes” continues Arrivabene. “This is the normal situation. The somewhat curious thing was that at the end of last October, when the last round of the TP52 Super Series took place, there was a week of calm. A somewhat bizarre situation because up until a week earlier the weather had been fine and regular”.

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