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Valentin Weigand is the winner of the Young Designer of the Year 2020

Industrial and Yacht Designer, Valentin Weigand, that was born near Stuttgard, in Germany, has a very personal approach to design.

«Asking the question of a design philosophy may as well be a question about the person behind the concept of a design approach.

Well, I believe that a great designer who has a strong personal identity must also be someone who is restless, moves from place to place, from culture to culture. In stark contrast, a designer who is about security, convention and conformity risks the death of passion, of daring, and of learning how to see the beauty often hidden in this ugly world.

Studying in different regions, exploring new design concepts and appreciating the beautiful small things that surround us has shaped my design philosophy these past few years. I channel the power of beauty that I feel in my soul through my designs.

The joy of the very wonder of being alive,  having a conversation with someone, enjoying the taste of good food, fine art and moving to the rhythm of music. Life is too precious to risk not being passionate and daring. This essential realisation motivates me daily to only settle for the best design, only the best.

It gives my design language personality, strength, direction, and an unlimited freedom of expression.

Valentin topped the Young Yacht Designer competitition with his forward-thinking and wellbeing-focused concept, Plato, whose name was inspired by the Greek philosopher. 

«As Plato states in his text Phaidros, the true and the good manifests in the face of beauty.

Following the refit, the yacht Plato is dedicated to assist and inspire those who want to enter a steady dialogue with their environment and therefore feel truly alive», explain Weigand.

The key design feature is the dining winter-garden which sits in front of a wine cave and an art gallery that also serves as a pre-dinner lounge for those endless nights full of exceptional conversations, Michelin starred food and a mind blowing ambience.

The winter-garden is transferable into a partly opened area, features a waterfall that leads into the beach clubs pool and can function as either a solitary space or a place of congregation.

Furthermore the yacht offers a smooth transition between mental inspiration and a life of leisure, which is magnified in spaces such as the beach club situated on the lower deck aft including a SPA and a fitness room, as well as various tenders and toys. 

When the time is right for a proper on board party, the main deck aft lounge will be the ideal location – slided out, the lounge provides space to dance, sit and chat while the DJ might be delivering just the right vibes – performing from the winter-gardens slided out balcony above.

Overall, Plato offers a platform for physical and mental well being , encouraging travellers on board to recognise and appreciate and preserve the beauty. 

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