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Viareggio Super Yacht new 83 m

VSY’s new take on the explorer vessel is an 83-metre that is more style than status symbol.

R874 83m G0106

As per tradition, the exterior lines are by Espen Øino with Laurent Giles providing the naval architecture.

R874 83m G0132

The 2,500 GT vessel has many of the styling features of its award-winning sibling Stella Maris fused with plenty of borrowings from the explorer world.

R874 83m G0144

The steel hull is 15.6 metres in the beam and delivers a 6,500-nautical mile range at 12 knots.

R874 83m G0155

Decks are staggered to deliver more interior volume and full-height windows, resulting in a bright, open-plan feel. The aft beach area is a massive 180 square metres but there’s also a spa on the sun deck and a large pool on the main.

R874 83m G0142

Total al fresco space is an astonishing 979 square metres, in fact. The explorer will also deliver serious environmental kudos.

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