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Videoworks is onboard ISA Extra 130 Alloy

With its 39.7 metres, the Extra 130 Alloy is precisely designed to accommodate the ideal combination of social events and entertainment. Thanks to the latest-generation Apple TV 4K and Sonos audio system, Videoworks has amply equipped the 39.7-metre Extra 130 Alloy with everything required to make the experience on board one of a kind.

In a world in which sophisticated onboard audio/video systems and high-performance networks have become the main requests from owners and their guests, Videoworks has this year confirmed – once again – that it is continuously able to innovate.

The Videoworks integration allows users to select the content directly from the Audio/Video iTunes library and then play it on the Apple TV in each cabin. The entire iTunes Audio/Video collection can be managed via the Apple TVs, with no synchronization required. The content can be accessed as soon as it is available in the central library; the whole experience is controlled by a state-of-the-art Crestron system and is accessible through the Apple iPad mini provided by Videoworks.

Videoworks offers its unique Hybrid System, comprised of a centralized core in one main rack and localized mini-racks which contain the sources for each area. Videoworks installed A/V devices in the local racks while centralizing all possible electronic devices in the main Rack Room. 

Significant advantages of employing this kind of configuration in an integrated audio-video system include:

Facilitated installation and ease of maintenance: by centralizing all electronic devices in the main racks, installation is optimized for maximum efficiency. Additionally, any technical problem can easily be resolved with minimal impact to guests and activities on board. 

Videoworks delivers the exemplary design and execution it is known for:

Expert rack design, assembly, and testing: each rack is designed by the Videoworks technical department, taking into account basic rules like cabling efficiency, air flow and the best layouts to minimize the space occupied. The rack is then assembled in the Videoworks workshop and must pass rigorous factory testing carried out by specialized software engineers. This reduces possible debugging required onboard.

-Technical details of the rack: the Videoworks technical department provides the rack specification details to facilitate operation and use. Details include all basic information (such as dimensions) as well as more specific details, such as generated British Thermal Unit (BTU/h), power consumption, and installation drawings and requirements.

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