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Vripack Futura

Futura is a 66m designed by Vripack and inspired by the innate ability of marine animals to move through water using the smallest amount of energy possible. Her exteriors are reminiscent of the curves of a whale, an impression underscored by arched hull glazing The superstructure has been moved very far forward and is an oval dome shape. It is almost entirely glass to lighten it and also allow people on the upper decks see everything going on below as if they were in an actual ‘crystal palace’.

The interiors were designed along division/fusion principles and the result is highly innovative, a genuine break from classic fare. They are split-level, loft-style, with the two floors of the superstructure connecting through diagonal side lines. The other focus in the design was sustainability and hence, Futura is as low as possible – barely two thirds the height of similarly sized hulls. She also has a special sail mounted on an electric winch that allows wind energy to be generated and stored. The batteries used to store the energy are made from salt, sand, water and plants and are thus 100% biodegradable.  

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