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Welcome to the Flagship Store

Form, function and brand. Recycled Shipping Container is an example of corporate architecture that immediately expresses the identity and the values of the brand. This is the philosophy behind the tower of recycled containers of the Flagship Store of Freitag (Zurich).

Today’s destination brings us in the heart of Switzerland to go and seek for a building that is an artistic installation, a shop, a concrete example of intelligent recycling and a new design proposal linked with the sea. We are talking about the Recycled Shipping Container of the Flagship Store of Freitag, a company based in Zurich. Its fame derives from the worldwide manufacturing and sale of bags made from used car tarpaulins, seat belts, and the air chambers from bicycle wheels since 1993.

Freitag is a company that has made recycling its mission. Built in 2006, the Recycled Shipping Container is a 26 meter-high tower building made of 19 rusty freight containers that were recycled, stacked and connected with the same systems used for the holds of container ships. They are also equipped with a staircase that leads to the different sale areas and the terrace. Designed by the two architects Annette Spillmann and Harald Echsle, the building is situated in the semi-urban area of the city and has quickly become Zurich’s new emblem. The Flagship Store is located in Freitag Geroldstrasse 17.

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