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Winch Design revealed the interiors of Project Sparta

Winch Design revealed the interior visuals for 67m full-custom motor yacht Sparta. Sparta is the largest steel-hull displacement yacht ever built at Heesen and features both exterior and interior design by Winch. (Here all our posts about Winch Design)

Winch Design

Winch Design penned a unique custom yacht

The style brief for this fully custom yacht was totally unique. Sparta was to be serene and sophisticated, with elegant, yet practical interiors. Calm, yet tough. Open, yet rigid enough to withstand the rigours of a global cruising itinerary. Each zone was to be themed in rising elements of earth, water and air. The design required cohesion across all guest areas from the aft beach terrace up to the sun deck bar. The owners’ brief requested playfulness, activities and surprise — as befits an outgoing client.

Winch Design

The incredible main deck saloon

Nowhere is the custom design more evident than in the main deck salon. An 11.5m beam promises space and grace. The fine dining area channels the private dining room of The Connaught in London. The earth theme includes dining chairs upholstered in palm leaves. Plus a centre stage coffee table crafted from an ancient oak trunk.

Winch Design

Winch Design and the marine-themed VIP cabins 

The marine-themed VIP cabins on the main deck feature a tramazite installation above the beds. These twinkling aqua blue stones recall sunken sapphires or a watery moon. Such artworks encourage imaginative play. The cabins’ wave-like carpet fires the imagination. It features an island woven into its centre, allowing kids to play Robinson Crusoe while their parents dine on the owners’ deck upstairs. Most exciting of all, the VIP cabins are separated by a panel wall that can be opened for playtime. Or left up overnight to create one huge bedroom for a pirate-themed sleepover. As with every interior item on Sparta, this dividing wall is a work of art. The panel is emblazoned with a tapestry of goatskin vellum in deepening waves of blue. Each vellum layer was naturally tinted in ever darker hues, from cyan to turquoise to celadon. The artistic effect is like freediving to the bottom of the ocean.

Winch Design

An amazing spa

The lower deck spa is a central hub of the yacht. Natural materials showcase the water element. Cool ceramics pervade the Turkish bath. A palm leaf inspired fully custom artwork insets the wellness area’s circular walls. Natural light casts an aura of organic zen over the 65 square metre space.

Winch Design

Winch Design and a magnificent master suite

The air element breezes through the upper deck. The master suite aft is shaded sky blue with mother-of-pearl inlays reflecting the sunlight. At 56 square metres, with a generous bathroom and shower, the space is more like an apartment than a suite. The private owners’ deck aft is accessed by sliding doors. By contrast, the upper deck forward owners’ suite is even more spacious and exuberant. An actual representation of the solar system is inlaid into the metallic headboard, allowing parents and children to run their fingers over the cosmos. Full length windows filter sunlight around the 62 square metre space.

Winch Design

The exteriors

Just outside, on the private owners’ deck, both generations can stargaze while relaxing on a vast Ottoman recliner. Alternatively, a film of choice can be streamed on the outdoor cinema screen on the foredeck. Perhaps the greatest unifying element is the oak staircase. The staircase is carved in three different ways to tie the earth, water and air elements into one rather than letting them be seen in isolation. The staircase curves upwards to invite guests between three decks, while vertical lighting brings it to life. Like all the best art, its unique beauty makes travellers want to reach out and touch it. A glass elevator also speeds between the lower deck, main deck and owners’ deck. The entire space is enveloped with milled oakwood panels.

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