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Allochroous, time to change


Allochroous Yacht Concept-1

The Millennium Yacht Design Award Yacht (MYDA) is one of the most important awards especially for young designers.

In its history the MYDA, (now in its twelfth edition), brought to the attention numerous projects that have given a new perspective on the world of yachting in general and sailing boats. As the Allochroous Yacht Concept signed by Turkish designer Ezgi Aksan and the Italian Ambra Ceronetti won in 2012 in the “dream boat”. Allochroous Yacht in English means “color changing”, a definition that the two designers have considered perfectly suited to represent their yacht design. Allochroous Yacht can indeed  transform its organization on board as well as in colors to suit different uses. Allochroous Yacht can accommodate concerts, screenings of film premieres, exhibitions, theater performances as well as fashion shows.

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