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Beyond by Diana Yacht Design

Penned by Diana Yacht Design, Beyond is a 60m explorer yacht with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure clothed in rugged lines that reveal her ability to tackle any kind of seas at any latitude. One of her signatures is the flexibility of her design, which means she will effortlessly adapt to the owner’s requirements.

The tender and stowage areas, for instance, can not only be easily converted to relaxation or entertainment/reception areas but can also be modified to stow snow mobiles, skiing gear or other kinds of transportation for specific cruises in extreme climes. Huge emphasis has been placed on creating a sense of contact with the surrounding environment. Low bulwarks, open decks and glass railings allow guests to enjoy all-round views, in fact. There is even a dedicated observatory on the sun deck with a unique gyro-stabilised telescope. Beyond’s interiors are designed for long-stays aboard too. Her amenities span the spectrum from a cinema to a gym, a direct boarding room in the interior, wellness area and a large glazed lounge from which guests can continue to enjoy the wonders of nature even when weather prevents them venturing outdoors. 

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