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Cranchi Settantotto: superyacht nature

The new flagship of Cranchi Yachts debuted at boot Düsseldorf. Her name is Settantotto, (seventy eight) always written in full in Italian. In the sound there is a reference to the best expression of made in Italy.

The new Settantotto which is almost 25 meters with grandiose details, is both contemporary and classic, essential without surrendering to minimalism and timeless. The lines of the Settantotto are fluid and without marked edges: they convey a natural sense of balance. In the design choices of Christian Grande – engaged in a close collaboration with the Research Center of the Shipyard – there is nothing excessive, forced or aggressive. She shines and has the strength expected from a flagship.

Like the geometries of an Italian garden one perceives the vitality of nature, in the shapes without friction of the Settantotto one reads the muscularity of a yacht that can face the sea in any condition , with its perfect hull, the high and flared bow, the pronounced hawk band head. Also thanks to the evocative play of colors between the structure and the superstructure, with the latter being visually lightened, the lines of the Settantotto are streamlined and sinuous and amplify the effect of astonishment that it captures spacious interiors, perfectly illuminated by natural light, as suggested by the symmetrical subtractions in the hull that are read at the level of the main and lower deck.

The layout below includes up to four cabins, all with heads: three large double bedrooms and a cabin with single beds. All the beds are positioned longitudinally with respect to the aft / bow axis to guarantee the best comfort during rest. The rooms are furnished in a refined and elegant style. The full-beam master cabin amidships with walk-in wardrobe, work area or beauty corner offers the feeling of a large luxury suite. Sophisticated elegance and great comfort distinguishes the VIP cabin in the bow.

The cabin reserved for the crew is comfortable, with two berths and a head with separate shower. The crew cabin, with separate access from the rest of the rooms, also houses the laundry room with washer and dryer. The room is located between the engine room and the owner’s cabin to ensure the best acoustic comfort for the sleeping area, comfort to which the soundproofing coatings applied to all bulkheads contribute in an excellent way.Ample volumes, elegance and functionality are the distinctive features of the square too, where the kitchen, saloon and relaxation areas are optimally distributed.

An unusual feature for yachts of this size is the presence of a further head on the main deck. On the main deck and on the flybridge, the yacht offers large open spaces, with areas dedicated to socializing and relaxing both aft and forward. The tender can be accessed in a safe and easy way. The tender garage is equipped with a lift that allows the tender to rise, fall and move forward. The dashboard can become a huge terrace overlooking the sea thanks to the extraordinary surface granted by the teak-covered tender garage area. When the tender garage door is opened, a wide space is revealed to house the tenders and jet skis which can be separated from the part closest to the small beach where the chaise longue can be placed.

In perfect harmony with Christian Grande’s art direction choices, the Settantotto is furnished with elements from the Flexform collections, historic and dynamic furniture brand made in Italy. The elegant chaise loungue on the flybridge, the cozy armchairs in the cockpit – which can be set up as a lounge to obtain a “cocoon” effect or as a veranda with a table that is both practical and precious -, the iconic sofa that blends masterfully with the style of the salon thanks to its harmonious fabrics and colors and other furnishing accessories: all these elements contribute to embellish the feeling of classic and contemporary style that every detail of the Seventy-eight can offer.

Among the countless customization options that Cranchi Yachts can offer thanks to the Cranchi Atelier customization program, the owners of the Settantotto will also be able to choose the elements and accessories of furniture by choosing from the collections selected with Christian Grande and being able to rely on the advice of the designers of the Shipyard.

To make the onboard experience even more pleasant and comfortable, each of the spaces is served by entertainment and home automation systems, all easily manageable even from a smartphone or from the pilot console thanks to the Garmin glass cockpit which gives easy access to all the systems. In building for the first time a flybridge above 70 feet, the Shipyard has therefore chosen to present to the market a yacht with unusual features for the segment. Certainly a challenging challenge, but which Cranchi Yachts has been able to tackle with two competitive advantages that no other shipyard in the world can boast.

The first is its history: a path of constant and gradual growth that is now 150 years long. In particular, from the seventies of the twentieth century, the history of the shipyard is marked by larger and more technically successful models.

Cranchi Yachts’ second trump card is its production capacity. Inaugurated in 2009, with a total area of ​​140,000 m2, the establishment in which the Seventy-eight is built, is perfectly proportioned for the launching of yachts of this size. The entire production model has been optimized and perfected to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum quality with a rational, controlled and always repeatable process without improvisation.

It is also necessary to look at the production process to understand the true greatness of this yacht.
The principles that guide the production of Cranchi Yachts are efficiency and ergonomics. The people in charge of all types of processing are always placed in the ideal conditions to operate, in healthy and orderly environments, in convenient positions and with the best equipment, with devices and procedures that eliminate the margins of error. According to the principles of Industry 4.0, dozens of robots intervene alongside a qualified and motivated workforce to ensure nanometric precision in all those operations that can be managed by machines. Workers in all types of processing are always placed in the ideal conditions to operate, in healthy and orderly environments, in The work environment is kept in optimal conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and air cleaning, both to facilitate the work both to guarantee the best quality of the products. A futuristic air recirculation system protects the health of workers, ensures the absence of dust particles that could be deposited on the hulls causing imperfections and allows the substantial reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The production process of the Settantotto, as well as of all the Cranchi models, aims in fact to be the most environmentally sustainable possible. Many factors contribute to this result, including the reduction of the scraps of each type of material, the energy efficiency, the search for eco-compatible and bio-based materials, such as the release agents, the insulating and soundproofing coatings, all of new generation and with green certifications.

Materials research represents a decisive frontier for improving the quality and sustainability of a yacht. With the construction of the Settantotto – and even earlier with the more recent models – Cranchi Yachts has brought the use of carbon fiber, aramid and other hi-tech fibers to a level never achieved before in the pleasure boating sector.

Cranchi Yachts has in fact developed a matrix of resins and fibers that was suitable – for directionality and malleability – to the needs of the nautical industry and was able to withstand the type of stresses to which a boat is subjected, thus improving resistance and performance of the hull and other structures and at the same time obtaining lighter artefacts. Weight reduction was one of the objectives methodically sought in the construction of the Settantotto , also favoring less heavy materials such as aluminum. Lightness, in fact, clearly has a value in terms of sustainability because it allows to use less powerful engines – with the same performance – and to limit fuel consumption. The use of hi-tech fibers also reduces the use of vinyl resins, further improving the ecological footprint of the yachtIn research related to the use of carbon fiber, Cranchi Yachts has been inspired by the automotive and aerospace sectors, drawing interesting ideas and reworking them according to its needs. Paints, adhesive fixatives that allow fastenings without the use of screws or rivets to reduce vibrations, soundproofing, sound absorbing materials and barriers for damping noises and vibrations that ensure soundproof results without comparisons between motor yachts in this segment.

Insulation and sound damping systems have been adopted in all yacht environments and particular attention has been devoted to the engine room. This venue has been taken care of in every detail, including design choices, to facilitate access, mobility, maintenance activities and above all safety. Great attention was paid to the layout and the choice of materials, favoring stainless steel and aluminum and building the fiberglass fuel tank to exclude any possibility of leakage and infiltration.

The engine room houses three in-line six-cylinder Volvo Penta D13 capable of guaranteeing each 1000 HP of power when needed. Together with as many IPS3 pods they form a compact, reliable and manageable solution: ideal for this large yacht.

In the engine room there are also not one but two generators: a solution that increases efficiency, reduces consumption and reduces the chances of remaining stranded.

All on-board systems – including fire protection – represent the state of the art of the nautical industry and are designed and installed in such a way as to make maintenance always easy.

The Humpree system is also unsurpassed to guarantee stability and ideal trim for the yacht both in navigation and at anchor, with carbon fiber stabilizing fins, blade interceptor and electronic control unit for immediate and effective trim corrections.

Thanks to all these features and the extraordinary naval architecture and design project that characterizes it, the Settantotto is the perfect yacht to celebrate the first 150 years of history of Cranchi Yachts. With its nature as a superyacht it bears witness to the Cantiere's productive and technological capacity at its peak. The development of this project also acts as a driving force for the growth of the entire range, which in recent seasons has been undergoing a phase of constant evolution and which will soon reserve further surprises. The words of Paola Cranchi, marketing manager of the Shipyard, underline precisely this aspect:

“Never as in this phase, just as we celebrate our 150th anniversary, the watchword of Cranchi Yachts is the future. We invest with conviction in technology and design, we do research, we renew the products and we always focus our eyes on the next challenges The launch of the Seventy-eight in 2020 follows the debut of new, very original models such as the T36 Crossover, the E26 Classic and the E26 Rider which have established themselves as true contemporary classics. Innovative boats that help affirm our brand as more evolved, more elegant, more sexy. If our first 150 years have been extraordinary, the next will leave everyone breathless. 

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