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Esquel by Oceanco

Esquel was actually originally a meteorite discovered in Argentina in 1951 and made famous by the fact it is made from a metallic matrix dotted with crystals.

But the name exploded back into the news at the last Dubai Yacht Show when Oceanco unveiled a radical new project. Esquel in this case is very much an explorer yacht. The 105-metre is a joint effort between Timur Bozca Design, Gina Brennan, Lateral Naval Architects and Engineering, and Pelorus.

The result is a genuinely ground-breaking design. Stretching 17.5 metres in the beam, Esquel was designed with her bridge, guest communal areas and cabins all in her bow section. The midships section of the main deck is open and can be used as a living area or to stow service vehicles, including off-roaders.

The stern section is home to a spa with a pool which has been glazed to offer unparalleled views. Diesel-electric propulsion yields a cruising range of 7,000 nautical miles. Esquel tops out at 16.5 knots

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