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Fair winds Andrea

We’re pleased to pubblish the letter that Andrea Pezzini of Floating life wrote in memory o Andrea Merloni

In memory of a true Shipowner  of yachts, Andrea Merloni

I decided to write a short memory of Andrea Merloni, my friend and a true Shipowner of yachts. I said true because Andrea not only was genuinely a passionate yachtsman, but also a lover of technique and a profound knower of how to “live” a Yacht. For and with him, I designed Audace, a unique yacht of its kind because it was created from mine and from his experience; a merger between technique and knowledge to conceive the perfect yacht in order to realize his dream. A yacht that could have been a home, an office, a fun environment and a secure place for long navigations, in a masculine profile that fully represents it. 


I keep seeing myself with him, sitting at the table in his room, in his house in Milan, which with “our” technical team we are able to work and laugh… a lot of laughter: Andrea was a person who was gifted with a unique sense of humor and irresistibility, he also had a sense of freedom and looseness, which I still envy and I shall dearly miss. 

He always pushed me to technical limits, because he always wanted the maximum for his being and because he did not want to accept the “standard” of the world of the yachts, which for him, in many ways remained at the “ technical prehistory”. I never knew how to tell him : “Andrea that is not true!”, because every time he asked me for the impossible, we would find a solution and I had to agree with him.

Today I miss my friend and the world of yachting will miss a great Shipowner. Goodbye Andrea and may the wind blow softly and the sea stays calm during your last trip, all my heart

Andrea Pezzini 

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